LC- CC- SOE- School- Partners-20161004-pub | Last Updated 15 Feb 2019

Lehman School of Education partnerships with local schools as reported on October 4, 2016. Each record (row) represents a school in most cases. There may be multiple schools in a given zip code. Sponsoring program (Bronx Institute, Institute for Literacy Studies, Center for School College Collaboratives, Math-UP) reported where available.

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Partner Schools in The Bronxpartner_schools_in_the_bronxtext
School Typeschool_typetext
Bronx Institutebronx_institutetext
Institute for Literacy Studiesinstitute_for_literacy_studiestext
Center for School/College Collaborativescenter_for_school_college_collaborativestext
Math UPmath_uptext
Neigborhood Nameneigborhood_nametext
School Addressschool_address_2text
NumSchools in Areanumschools_in_areanumber
School Sequence Number in Areaschool_sequence_number_in_areanumber