BRFSS: Table of Demographics | Last Updated 27 Feb 2018

2011 to present. BRFSS combined land line and cell phone prevalence data. BRFSS is a continuous, state-based surveillance system that collects information about modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases and other leading causes of death. Data will be updated annually as it becomes available. Detailed information on sampling methodology and quality assurance can be found on the BRFSS website ( Methodology: Glossary:

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This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
LocationabbrlocationabbrtextState Abbreviation
LocationdesclocationdesctextState Name
ClassclasstextClass Description
TopictopictextTopic Description
ResponseresponsetextEvaluated Response
Break_Outbreak_outtextStratification value
Break_Out_Categorybreak_out_categorytextBreakout_Category Stratification grouping
Sample_Sizesample_sizenumberSample size used to calculate the data value
Data_valuedata_valuenumberData Value, such as 14.7 or no value if footnote symbol is present
Confidence_limit_Lowconfidence_limit_lownumberLow Confidence Limit
Confidence_limit_Highconfidence_limit_highnumberHigh Confidence Limit
Display_orderdisplay_ordernumberDisplay order
Data_value_unitdata_value_unittextThe unit, such as "%" for percentage
Data_value_typedata_value_typetextThe data value type, such as age-adjusted prevalence or crude prevalence
Data_Value_Footnote_Symboldata_value_footnote_symboltextFootnote Symbol
Data_Value_Footnotedata_value_footnotetextFootnote Text
DataSourcedatasourcetextData Source
ClassIdclassidtextClass Identifier
TopicIdtopicidtextTopic Identifier
LocationIDlocationidtextColumn location number value corresponding to geographic location like state
BreakoutIDbreakoutidtextIdentifier for the stratification
BreakOutCategoryIDbreakoutcategoryidtextIdentifier for the stratification Group
QuestionIDquestionidtextQuestion Identifier
ResponseIDresponseidtextResponse identifier
GeoLocationgeolocationlocationLocation code to be used for Geocoding