Solid Waste - Customer Call Time | Last Updated 25 Sep 2019

Dataset covers call response times for Solid Waste customer service team. This measure is to track the amount of time a caller spends in the electronic queue before speaking with a customer service specialist. Calls are from residents, businesses and contractors requesting paid trash and recycling services. The City of Mesa competes with private haulers for these open-market services.

This dataset has the following 33 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Row IDrow_idtextUnique row identifier
YearyeartextYear the call occurred
MonthmonthtextMonth the call occurred
Datedatecalendar_dateDate the call occurred
Application Descriptionapplication_descriptiontextServices are assigned an overall application grouping where you can combine multiple services under one application. Values are a higher-level grouping of individual services (queues).
Application IDapplication_idtextNumeric id of Application assigned to service
ServiceservicetextName or textual representation of the service (queue).
Service IDservice_idtextDistinct service identification number that maps to an entry in the Service table.
Spanish Flagspanish_flagcheckboxIndicator that caller requested Spanish speaker
Call Type Descriptioncall_type_descriptiontextType of call (ACD, AOD, Conference, Consult, Transfer, M3, Outbound, DID…)
Call Type IDcall_type_idtextDistinct call type identification number
Call Abandonedcall_abandonedcheckboxTotal of abandoned calls
Call Abandoned by Customercall_abandoned_by_customercheckboxIndicator that call was abandoned by the caller
Call Abandoned by Systemcall_abandoned_by_systemcheckboxIndicator that call was abandoned by system. If there is some issue or phone disconnect on the system side (carrier, teleco)
Call Handledcall_handledcheckboxThe number of inbound calls handled and completed by an agent since services started or midnight, whichever is more recent
Call Offeredcall_offeredcheckboxIndicator that the call was offered to a logged in user
Incoming Callincoming_callcheckboxInbound call indicator vs outbound
Short Callshort_callcheckboxNumber of calls abandoned before the configurable short call interval. Call ins that realize wrong number and hang-up before multiple IVR options chosen
Abandon Durationabandon_durationnumberNumber of seconds caller stayed in service before the call disconnecting
Answer Durationanswer_durationnumberNumber of seconds for the duration of the call including CallActionId’s (3,8,18,19,35)
Hold Durationhold_durationnumberNumber of seconds the caller was placed on hold by an agent. In queue is not on-hold
Talk Durationtalk_durationnumberNumber of seconds when caller went out of queue to where phone call is cleared from system minus any hold time
Total Durationtotal_durationnumberTotal duration of the call in number of seconds. Includes hold, talk, and wrap times
Wrap Durationwrap_durationnumberTime agent spends doing post-call work after done processing the call and the caller is off the phone
Begin Datebegin_datecalendar_dateDate the call enters the system
Begin Date Timebegin_date_timecalendar_dateTime the call enters the system
End Date Timeend_date_timecalendar_dateTime the calls exits the system
Handled Completedhandled_completedcheckboxIndicator used to tally “answered” calls. Additional field.
Handled Otherhandled_othercheckboxIndicator used to tally “transferred to external” and “warm transfer” calls. Transferred to external is a call transferred to a party outside of the system. Warm Transfer is a call that was announced before transferring.
Handled To Agenthandled_to_agentcheckboxIndicator that the call was transferred to agent
Handled To Servicehandled_to_servicecheckboxIndicator that the call was handed by a service. For example, a defined system queue that has ACD (automatic call distribution) agents assigned.
Handled Within Service Levelhandled_within_service_levelcheckboxIndicator if call was handled within the timeframe and goals set for the service
Display Descriptiondisplay_descriptiontextDescription of disposition if used otherwise “unknown” as not having a disposition.