Municipal Court - Service Call Management | Last Updated 4 Nov 2019

This dataset provides information regarding the number of telephone calls that are handled by the Court’s IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and the Court’s Resources (Agents). Includes automatic Call Distribution Inbound Services (queue) Call Detail Data. Information includes call totals, duration and service level statistics. Information in this dataset is used for calculation of Court performance measures. See Municipal Court - Telephone IVR Activity at for additional information.

This dataset has the following 34 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Row IDrow_idtextUnique row ID
YearyeartextYear of activity
MonthmonthtextMonth of activity
Datedatecalendar_dateDate of activity
Application Descriptionapplication_descriptiontextServices are assigned an overall application grouping where you can combine multiple services under one application
Application IDapplication_idtextNumeric ID of Application assigned to service
ServiceservicetextName of service
Service IDservice_idtextDistinct service identification number that maps to an entry in the Service table
Spanish Flagspanish_flagcheckboxIndicator that caller requested Spanish speaker
Call Type Descriptioncall_type_descriptiontextThis data describes the type of call. For example, the different types of calls are as follows: Continuance, Court Dates, General Information, Make Payments, Photo Safety, Bonds, etc.
Call Type IDcall_type_idtextThis identifies the type of call ID # that comes into the ASPECT system. Examples: 75, 84, 77, etc. (This is what the Customer is calling for)
Call Abandonedcall_abandonedcheckboxTotal of abandoned calls
Call Abandoned by Customercall_abandoned_by_customercheckboxIndicator that call was abandoned by the caller
Call Abandoned by Systemcall_abandoned_by_systemcheckboxIndicator that call was abandoned by system. If there is some issue or phone disconnect on the system side (carrier, teleco)
Call Handledcall_handledcheckboxThe number of inbound calls handled and completed by an agent since services started or midnight, whichever is more recent
Call Offeredcall_offeredcheckboxIndicator that the call was offered to a logged in user
Incoming Callincoming_callcheckboxInbound call indicator vs outbound
Short Callshort_callcheckboxNumber of calls abandoned before the configurable short call interval. Call ins that realize wrong number and hang-up before multiple IVR options chosen.
Abandon Durationabandon_durationnumberNumber of seconds caller stayed in service before the call disconnecting
Answer Durationanswer_durationnumberNumber of seconds for the duration of the call including CallActionId’s (3,8,18,19,35)
Hold Durationhold_durationnumberNumber of seconds the caller was placed on hold by an agent. In queue is not on-hold
Talk Durationtalk_durationnumberNumber of seconds when caller went out of queue to where phone call is cleared from system minus any hold time
Total Durationtotal_durationnumberTotal duration of the call in number of seconds. Includes hold, talk, and wrap times
Wrap Durationwrap_durationnumberTime agent spends doing post-call work after done processing the call and the caller is off the phone
Begin Datebegin_datecalendar_dateDate the call enters the system
Begin Date Timebegin_date_timecalendar_dateTime the call enters the system
End Date Timeend_date_timecalendar_dateTime the calls exits the system
Handled Completedhandled_completedcheckboxIndicator used to tally “answered” calls. Additional field
Handled Otherhandled_othercheckboxIndicator used to tally “transferred to external” and “warm transfer” calls
Handled To Agenthandled_to_agentcheckboxIndicator that the call was transferred to agent
Handled To Servicehandled_to_servicecheckboxIndicator that the call was handed by a service
Handled Within Service Levelhandled_within_service_levelcheckboxIndicator if call was handled within the time frame and goals set for the service
Disposition Descriptiondisposition_descriptiontextDescription of disposition if used otherwise “unknown” as not having a disposition
Calls Served by IVRcalls_served_by_ivrnumberA value of 1 means the call offered was not abandoned (Call Abandoned) or “answered” (Handled Completed). A value of 0 means that the call offered was abandoned (Call Abandoned) or “answered” (Handled Completed).