Gender Breakdown of City Workers by Department | Last Updated 10 Jan 2017

Analysis of 2015 full-time employee earnings by gender across the various Departments of the City of Los Angeles.

Tags: city profile, demographic, employees, gender, women, equality, wage gap

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Department Titledepartment_titletext
Employee Countemployee_countnumber
Total Payrolltotal_payrollnumber
# Femalefemale_1number
# Malemale_1number
% Femalefemale_2number
% Malemale_2number
Female Total Salaryfemale_total_salarynumber
Male Total Salarymale_total_salarynumber
Female Average Salaryfemale_average_salarynumber
Male Average Salarymale_average_salarynumber
% Payroll to Womenpayroll_to_womennumber
% Payroll to Menpayroll_to_mennumber