Alameda County Census 2010 Raw Data | Last Updated 4 Feb 2016

Alameda County Census 2010 Raw Data Race, Combinations of Two Races, and Not Hispanic or Latino: 2010

Tags: alameda county, census, 2010, raw data, ethnicity

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Census Tractcensus_tracttext
Total populationtotal_populationnumber
Hispanic or Latinohispanic_or_latinonumber
Total population, not Hispanic or Latinototal_population_not_hispanic_or_latinonumber
One race totalone_race_totalnumber
Black or African Americanblack_or_african_americannumber
American Indian and Alaska Nativeamerican_indian_and_alaska_nativenumber
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islandernative_hawaiian_and_other_pacific_islandernumber
Some Other Racesome_other_racenumber
Two or More Racestwo_or_more_racesnumber