Alameda County Unincorporated Area Streetlight Inventory | Last Updated 10 Apr 2014

Inventory of streetlights in the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. Data is from 2011 and earlier.

Tags: unincorporated area streetlight inventory, pubic works agency

This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Street Light ID No.street_light_id_notextThe ID is only unique to its geographic 'Area' value.
Traffic Safety Code 80traffic_safety_code_80textHistoric PG&E code designating if lights were installed for traffic safety, as opposed to residential lighting.
Origin Dateorigin_datenumberDesignates when the information was put in to an inventory, not necessarily when the light was deployed.
AreaareatextCity or Township
Street Namestreet_nametext
Address #addresstextNearest address, for reference.
Other Locationother_locationtext
PG&E Map No.pg_e_map_notext
Thomas Guide Mapthomas_guide_maptext
Luminaire Typeluminaire_typetextType of light fixture.
Mast Armmast_armtext
Pole Typepole_typetextCSA=County Service Area.
Pole Lengthpole_lengthtext
Foundation (base)foundation_basetext
Service Typeservice_typetextHow electricity is run to the fixture.
Fixture Codefixture_codetextNumber of light elements in the fixture.
Equipment Mfr.equipment_mfrtextManufacturer or light fixture.
Pole Paintpole_painttext
PoleUsepoleusetextStreet Light Pole=Dedicated, Joint=Other services such as electrical, cable, etc.
Devices on poledevices_on_poletextOther services or apparatus on the pole.