AmeriCorps Member Race and Ethnicity National Figures | Last Updated 6 Feb 2021

This dataset represents the percent distribution of AmeriCorps member terms which started their service in calendar year 2019 by race and ethnicity. This report excludes AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers. Included are percentage distributions from the United States Census Bureau's 2010-2019 State Population Characteristics dataset.

This dataset has the following 5 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
CategorycategorytextThe type of data.
SelectionselectiontextThe race or ethnicity selection made by the AmeriCorps member.
Term Percentageterm_percentagetextThe percent of AmeriCorps member terms by selection. (Does not include AmeriCorps Seniors)
US Censusus_censustextThe US Census estimated population percentage distribution.
US Census Age Group 18 to 29us_census_age_group_18_to_29text2019 percent distribution among race, ethnicity, and racial and ethnic minority identification of US population as estimated by the US Census.