Utility Payment Methods by Fiscal Year

data.austintexas.gov | Last Updated 4 May 2018

Since March of 2008, 100% of all City of Austin utility payments have been posted the same day received -- far exceeding the industry average of up to three days. This requires the daily posting of about 24,000 checks and payment stubs. In addition, the number of payments received electronically is exceptionally high and continues to increase. Part of that success is due to a Western Union wire program set up by Austin Energy to transfer customer payments to the utility. Utility bill payments can be made via Western Union at some 50 retail locations.

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Authorized Pay Stations via Western Union (ex. ACE cash Express, HEB, Money Box, Randalls)authorized_pay_stations_via_western_union_ex_ace_cash_express_heb_money_box_randalls_number
Online Banking (via customers bank)online_banking_via_customers_bank_number
Bill Matrix (via phone or Austin Energy Website) (credit, debit, e-check)bill_matrix_via_phone_or_austin_energy_website_credit_debit_e_check_number
Austin Energy Website (registered with Online Customer Care) (e-check)austin_energy_website_registered_with_online_customer_care_e_check_number
Electronic Fund Transfer (draft by AE)electronic_fund_transfer_draft_by_ae_number
Misc. (ex. Collections, IRS)misc_ex_collections_irs_number
% Manual Payments_manual_paymentsnumber
% Electronic Payments_electronic_paymentsnumber