Strategic Measure_Cost of City Services per Capita Adjusted for Inflation (General Fund only) | Last Updated 22 Sep 2022

This dataset has information about the cost of providing General Fund City services per capita of the Full Purpose City population (SD23 measure GTW.A.4). It provides expense information from the annual approved budget document (General Fund Summary and Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund Summary) and population information from the City Demographer's Full Purpose Population numbers. The Consumer Price Index information for Texas is available through the following Key Economic Indicators dataset: This dataset can be used to help understand the cost of city services over time. View more details and insights related to this dataset on the story page:

Tags: sd23

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Fiscal Yearfiscal_yearcalendar_date
Consumer Price Index TX (Fiscal Year Average)consumer_price_index_tx_fiscal_year_averagenumber
Consumer Price Index Compared to FY2010-11 Consumer Price Indexconsumer_price_index_comparisonnumber
Total General Fund Actual Expenditurestotal_general_fund_actualnumber
Budget Stabilization Reserve Fund (BSRF) Transferbudget_stabilization_reservenumber
BSRF Expenditures (Transfer to GF Contingency Reserve prior to FY16)bsrf_expenditures_transfernumber
Transfer to Emergency Reserve Fund from BSRFtransfer_to_emergency_reservenumber
Cost of City Services (General Fund Only)cost_of_city_services_generalnumber
Cost of City Services Adjusted for Inflation (General Fund Only)cost_of_city_services_general_fund_onlynumber
Total Full Purpose Populationtotal_full_purpose_populationnumber
Cost of City Services Per Capita (General Fund Only)cost_of_city_services_per_capita_general_fund_onlynumber
Cost of City Services Per Capita Adjusted for Inflation (General Fund Only)cost_of_city_services_pernumber