Traffic Signals and Pedestrian Signals | Last Updated 15 Jan 2019

This data contains information about traffic and pedestrian signals in the city of Austin, Texas. The data is updated on a daily basis and maintained by the Austin Transportation Department Arterial Management Division. You may also be interested in our signal operations dashboards, available at

Tags: transportation, transit, mobility, traffic signals, pedestrians, phbs, safety, atms

This dataset has the following 38 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Signal IDsignal_idnumberUnique identifier of the traffic or pedestrian signal.
Location Namelocation_nametextCanonical name of the location at which the traffic signal is located.
Signal Typesignal_typetextThe type of signal. Either traffic or PHB (pedestrian hybrid beacon).
Signal Statussignal_statustextOperational status of the traffic signal.
ATD Location IDatd_location_idtextUnique location identifier of the signal. ATD Location IDs persist throughout data maintained by Austin Transportation, and can be used to identify assets with share a common location. E.g., traffic cameras, signals, and sensors.
COA Intersection IDcoa_intersection_idnumberUnique identifier of the intersection at which the signal is located. Defined by City of Austin intersection points GIS layer.
ControlcontroltextIndicates if the signal acts a primary controller or is secondary to another signal controller.
Council District(s)council_districttextThe council district(s) in which the signal resides. If the signal sits along the border of one more districts, the district values are comma-separated.
Primary Stprimary_sttextThe primary street name of the signal location.
Cross Stcross_sttextThe cross street name of the signal location.
Cross St Segment IDcross_st_segment_idnumberThe unique street segment identifier of the cross street at which the signal is located. Derived from the city's street centerline GIS dataset.
LandmarklandmarktextDescription of one or more landmarks at the signal location.
Primary Signalprimary_signaltextThe name of the signal's primary signal controller, if applicable.
Secondary Signal(s)secondary_signalstextThe unique ID(s) of any signals that are controlled by this primary signal.
Jurisdiction Labeljurisdiction_labeltextThe municipal jurisdiction in which the traffic signal is located. Jurisdiction is determined by the location of the traffic signal cabinet with relation to the city's jurisdiction layer:
Primary St Segment IDprimary_st_segment_idnumberThe unique street segment identifier of the primary street at which the signal is located. Derived from the city's street centerline GIS dataset.
Signal Eng. Areasignal_eng_areatextThe engineering area in which the signal is located. Used to group signals in geographic regions overseen by the city's traffic signal engineers.
Traffic Engineer Areatraffic_eng_areatext
Turn On Dateturn_on_datecalendar_date
Cross St Blockcross_st_blocknumber
Primary St Blockprimary_st_blocknumber
Signal PM Max Fiscal Yearsignal_pm_max_fiscal_yearnumberThe most recent fiscal year in which preventative maintenance was conducted at the signal. The fiscal year begins on October 1st.
Pedestrian Signal Typepedestrian_signal_typetextThe type of pedestrian signal installed. Walk/don't walk, countdown, or none.
Pedestrian Button Typeped_button_typetextPedestrian button type
Bicycle Signalbike_signaltext
Bus Stopsbus_stopstextCapital Metro bus stops within 350ft of the signal location.
Source DB IDidtextThe signal's unique identifier in the asset management system database.
IP Communication statusip_comm_statustextThe IP communication status of the signal controller.
Comm Status Datetimecomm_status_datetime_utcdateThe date at which the controller IP communication status was updated.
OwnerownertextThe transportation agency that owns the traffic signal. The City of Austin maintains signals for a number of agencies and municipalties, including the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Travis County, and the City of Sunset Valley.
Detection statusdetection_statustextThe current state of vehicle detection at the traffic signal.
Detection Status Datedetection_status_datedateThe date at which the signal's detection status was last updated.
Construction Noteconstruction_notetextEngineer note regarding signal construction
Construction Note Dateconstruction_note_datedate
Modified Datemodified_datedate