Vital Signs: Economic Output Per Capita – By Metro | Last Updated 25 Oct 2019

VITAL SIGNS INDICATOR Economic Output (EC14) FULL MEASURE NAME Per-capita gross regional product LAST UPDATED July 2019 DESCRIPTION Economic output is measured by the total and per-capita gross regional product and refers to the value of goods and services generated by workers and companies in a region. DATA SOURCE Bureau of Economic Analysis: Regional Economic Accounts 2001-2017 California Department of Finance: Population and Housing Estimates 2001-2009 Note: Table E-8 California Department of Finance: Population and Housing Estimates 2010-2017 Note: Table E-5 CONTACT INFORMATION METHODOLOGY NOTES (across all datasets for this indicator) As gross regional product data is only available on the MSA level, Bay Area data includes 10 counties (the nine core counties + San Benito County); this results in a slightly higher regional GRP as a result of additional population and business activity. Per-capita data reflects the additional population included as a result of San Benito County’s participation in the San Jose MSA. Data is inflation-adjusted by using both nominal and real data developed by BEA and appropriately escalating real GRP data in 2009 dollars to today’s dollars (2017). This inflation adjustment approach is specific to each MSA and is different from the CPI inflation approach used for other datasets on the Vital Signs website.

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This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
PC_GRP_2009pc_grp_2009numberPer capita gross regional product in 2009 dollars
PC_GRP_IApc_grp_ianumberPer capita gross regional product in 2017 dollars
PC_GRP_IA_PerChange2001pc_grp_ia_perchange2001numberPercent change in inflation-adjusted per capita gross regional product since 2001