Vital Signs: Injuries From Crashes – by crash | Last Updated 6 Jul 2018

VITAL SIGNS INDICATOR Injuries From Crashes (EN7-9) FULL MEASURE NAME Serious injuries from crashes (traffic collisions) LAST UPDATED October 2017 DESCRIPTION Injuries from crashes refers to serious but not fatal injuries sustained in a collision. The California Highway Patrol classifies a serious injury as any combination of the following: broken bones; dislocated or distorted limbs; severe lacerations; skull, spinal, chest or abdominal injuries that go beyond visible injuries; unconsciousness at or when taken from the scene; or severe burns. This injuries dataset includes serious injury counts for the region and counties, as well as individual collision data. DATA SOURCE California Highway Patrol: Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System CONTACT INFORMATION METHODOLOGY NOTES (across all datasets for this indicator) The data is reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), which was accessed via SafeTREC’s Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS). The data was tabulated using provided categories specifying injury level, individuals involved, causes of collision, and location/jurisdiction of collision (for more: Fatalities were normalized over historic population data from the US Census and American Community Surveys and vehicle miles traveled (VMT) data from the Federal Highway Administration. For more regarding reporting procedures and injury classification, see the California Highway Patrol Manual (

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This dataset has the following 60 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Case Idcase_idnumber
Accident Yearaccident_yearnumber
Alcohol Involvedalcohol_involvedtext
Bicycle Accidentbicycle_accidenttext
Collision Datecollision_datetext
Collision Severitycollision_severitynumber
Collision Timecollision_timenumber
Control Devicecontrol_devicetext
Count Bicyclist Injuredcount_bicyclist_injurednumber
Count Bicyclist Killedcount_bicyclist_killednumber
Count Complaint Paincount_complaint_painnumber
Count Mc Injuredcount_mc_injurednumber
Count Mc Killedcount_mc_killednumber
Count Ped Injuredcount_ped_injurednumber
Count Ped Killedcount_ped_killednumber
Count Severe Injcount_severe_injnumber
Count Visible Injcount_visible_injnumber
Day Of Weekday_of_weeknumber
Hit And Runhit_and_runtext
Location Typelocation_typetext
Motorcycle Accidentmotorcycle_accidenttext
Number Injurednumber_injurednumber
Number Killednumber_killednumber
Number of Recordsnumber_of_recordsnumber
Party Countparty_countnumber
Pcf Code Of Violpcf_code_of_violtext
Pcf Violationpcf_violationtext
Pcf Viol Categorypcf_viol_categorynumber
Pcf Viol Subsectionpcf_viol_subsectiontext
Pedestrian Accidentpedestrian_accidenttext
Ped Actionped_actiontext
Postmile Prefixpostmile_prefixtext
Primary Coll Factorprimary_coll_factortext
Primary Rdprimary_rdtext
Ramp Intersectionramp_intersectionnumber
Road Cond 1road_cond_1text
Road Cond 2road_cond_2text
Road Surfaceroad_surfacetext
Route Suffixroute_suffixtext
Secondary Rdsecondary_rdtext
Side Of Hwyside_of_hwytext
State Hwy Indstate_hwy_indtext
State Routestate_routenumber
Stwd Vehtype At Faultstwd_vehtype_at_faulttext
Tow Awaytow_awaytext
Truck Accidenttruck_accidenttext
Type Of Collisiontype_of_collisiontext
Weather 1weather_1text
Weather 2weather_2text