Vital Signs: Rent Payments – by tract | Last Updated 25 Oct 2019

VITAL SIGNS INDICATOR Rent Payments (EC8) FULL MEASURE NAME Median rent payment LAST UPDATED August 2019 DESCRIPTION Rent payments refer to the cost of leasing an apartment or home and serves as a measure of housing costs for individuals who do not own a home. The data reflect the median monthly rent paid by Bay Area households across apartments and homes of various sizes and various levels of quality. This differs from advertised rents for available apartments, which usually are higher. Note that rent can be presented using nominal or real (inflation-adjusted) dollar values; data are presented inflation-adjusted to reflect changes in household purchasing power over time. DATA SOURCE U.S. Census Bureau: Decennial Census 1970-2000 Note: Count 1 and Count 2; Form STF1; Form SF3a U.S. Census Bureau: American Community Survey 2005-2017 Note: Form B25058; 1-YR Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Price Index 1970-2017 Note: All Urban Consumers Data Table (by metro) CONTACT INFORMATION METHODOLOGY NOTES (across all datasets for this indicator) Rent data reflects median rent payments rather than list rents (refer to measure definition above). Larger geographies (metro and county) rely upon ACS 1-year data, while smaller geographies rely upon ACS 5-year rolling average data. 1970 Census data for median rent payments has been imputed by ABAG staff as the source data only provided the mean, rather than the median, monthly rent. Metro area boundaries reflects today’s metro area definitions by county for consistency, rather than historical metro area boundaries. Inflation-adjusted data are presented to illustrate how rent payments have grown relative to overall price increases; that said, the use of the Consumer Price Index does create some challenges given the fact that housing represents a major chunk of consumer goods bundle used to calculate CPI. This reflects a methodological tradeoff between precision and accuracy and is a common concern when working with any commodity that is a major component of CPI itself.

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This dataset has the following 6 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Median_Contract_Rentmedian_contract_rentnumberMedian monthly rent payment
Median_Contract_Rent_IAmedian_contract_rent_ianumberMedian monthly rent payment (2017 dollars)