City-Parish Vendors | Last Updated 12 Dec 2018

Listing of all vendors registered to do business with City-Parish. Please note that these are all vendors registered and includes vendors who have never actually done business with the City-Parish. Registered vendors are notified of potential procurment opportunities.

Tags: purchase orders, procurement, purchasing

This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
VENDOR NAMEvendor_name_1text
DBAvendor_name_2textVendor doing business as a (DBA) name.
VENDOR CITYvendor_citytext
VENDOR STATEvendor_statetext
VENDOR ZIPvendor_ziptext
VENDOR TYPEvendor_typetextIndicates the type of business the vendor is in.
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORvendor_independent_contractortext
STATUSvendor_statustextVendor's status A=Active, B=Bidder, I=Inactive, O=One Time Pay, S=Stop, T=Temporary, S=Self Service.
CLASSvendor_classtextThe vendor's classification (LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, etc).
GEOGRAPHIC AREAvendor_geographic_codetextGeographic area of vendor (INP=In EBR Parish, INS=In State, USA=In Country, INTL=International.
MINORITYisminoritytextIs the vendor a minority business enterprise.
DISADVANTAGEDdbetextDisadvantaged business enterprise.
DISABLED VETERANdvbetextDisabled veteran business enterprise.
SB DISABLED VETdvsetextSmall business disabled veteran.
SB MINORITYsmb_mintextSmall business minority owned.
SB MINORITY WOMANsmb_mn_womtextSmall business minority woman owned.
SB NON-MINORITYsb_non_mntextSmall business non-minority owned.
SB DISADVANTAGEDsmb_dbetextSmall business disadvantaged business enterprise.
SB VETERANvet_sm_bustextSmall business veteran owned.
SB WOMANsmb_womantextSmall business woman owned.