Adjudicated Property | Last Updated 15 May 2019

In the event that your taxes are not paid by a certain date, the Sheriff's Office will advertise your property for sale to the general public to collect the unpaid taxes. On the advertised date, the property will be subjected to a tax sale. If no one buys the property at the tax sale, the property will then be adjudicated to the Parish of East Baton Rouge in compliance with the laws of the State of Louisiana. The records in this dataset reflect the most current adjudicated property listing.

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
TAX YEARtax_roll_yearnumberIndicates the year of the Tax Roll
PROPERTY NUMBERassessment_numtextThe unique property number assigned to each tax parcel
TAXPAYER NAMEownertextName of the taxpayer
TAXPAYER ADDRESSownaddtextMailing address of the taxpayer
TAXPAYER CITY STATE ZIPowncitytextMailing city, state, and ZIP code of the taxpayer
PHYSICAL ADDRESSphysaddtextThe physical or situs address of the tax parcel
SUBDIVISION NAMEsubdtextName of the subdivision
BLOCK/SQUARE NOblocktextBlock or square number of the tax parcel
LOT NOlottextLot number of the tax parcel
WARDw_dtextWard and section number of the tax parcel
LEGAL DESCRIPTIONlegaltextFull legal description of the tax parcel
FAIR MARKET VALUEsum_fair_mnumberFair market value of the tax parcel
TOTAL ASSESSED VALUEsum_tol_asnumberA percentage of the fair market value determined by the use of the property (commercial or residential)
COUNCIL DISTRICTcouncil_district_nonumberCouncil district in which the tax parcel is located
ZIP CODEzip_codetextZIP code in which the tax parcel is located
GEOLOCATIONgeolocationlocationLocation of the tax parcel derived from the centerpoint latitude and longitude coordinates