2019 EBR Building Permits Heat Map

data.brla.gov | Last Updated 25 Jan 2019

Heat Pie chart showing 2017 construction and occupancy permits issued in East Baton Rouge Parish

This dataset has the following 21 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
PERMIT NUMBERpermitnumbertextID of project
PROJECT DESCRIPTIONprojectdescriptiontextDescription of project
LOT NUMBERlotnumbertextLot number of project
SQUARE FOOTAGEsquarefootagenumberEstimated square footage of structure
PROJECT VALUEprojectvaluenumberEstimated cost of construction
PERMIT TYPEpermittypetextType of permit
PARISH NAMEparishnametext
PERMIT FEEpermitfeenumberFees collected for permit
ISSUED DATEissueddatecalendar_dateDate permit issued to begin construction
CREATION DATEcreationdatecalendar_dateDate permit was applied for and input into the system
OWNER NAMEownernametext
APPLICANT NAMEapplicantnametext
CONTRACTOR NAMEcontractornametext
CONTRACTOR ADDRESScontractoraddresstext
ADDRESSaddresstextPhysical address of structure
STREET ADDRESSstreetaddresstext