EBRP Tax Roll

data.brla.gov | Last Updated 11 Feb 2020

This dataset is a full listing of tax parcels in East Baton Rouge Parish including the cities of Baton Rouge, Baker, Central and Zachary. The records contained herein include information about taxpayers, homestead exemptions, adjudications, property details, and many other topics. The Assessor's Office provides this information for public use in an effort to better serve the taxpayers and property owners of East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

Tags: tax; parcel; tax roll; assessment; property; ebrp

This dataset has the following 28 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
TAX YEARtax_yearnumberIndicates the year of the Tax Roll
PROPERTY NUMBERassessment_no_newnumberThe unique property number assigned to each tax parcel. Also referred to as the Assessment Number.
LEGACY PROPERTY NUMBERassessment_notextThe unique property number assigned to each tax parcel for the tax rolls prior to 2017.
ASSESSMENT TYPEassessment_typetextThe type of assessment used to determine taxes including personal property, real property, or public service. Personal property includes machinery and equipment, fixtures, furniture, and other items that are movable in nature and utilized in a business. Real property includes land and all buildings, structures, improvement to the land, and mobile homes. Public service are government and other tax-exempted properties.
ASSESSMENT STATUSassessment_statustextTaxing status of the parcel including actual, adjudicated, or exempt. Actual property is real estate that can be taxed and all tax payments are up to date. Property with unpaid taxes is adjudicated to the Parish of East Baton Rouge in accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana. Public service type property is exempted from taxation.
TAXPAYER NAMEtaxpayer_nametextName of the taxpayer
TAXPAYER ADDRESStaxpayer_addr_1textMailing address of the taxpayer
TAXPAYER SUBADDRESStaxpayer_addr_2textMailing subaddress of the taxpayer
TAXPAYER CITY STATE ZIPtaxpayer_addr_3textMailing city, state and ZIP code of the taxpayer
WARDward_notextWard number of the tax parcel
SUBDIVISION NAMEsubdivision_nametextName of the subdivision in which the tax parcel is located
BLOCK/SQUARE NOblock_notextBlock or square number in which the tax parcel is located
LOT NOlot_notextLot number of the tax parcel
PHYSICAL ADDRESSparcel_addresstextThe physical or situs address of the tax parcel
STRUCTURE USEstructure_usetextType of use of the structure including commercial, residential or not determined
UNIT TYPEunit_typetextThe type of unit on the tax parcel which may include a structure, lot, or acreage
NO UNITSunitsnumberTotal number of structures attached to the tax parcel
VACANTvacant_lot_yntextTax parcel with no structure attached
TRANSFER TYPEinstrument_typetextThe transaction type of the last conveyance
TRANSFER DATEtransfer_datecalendar_dateDate of last conveyance
DEED NOconv_instrument_notextThe conveyance instrument number or deed number associated with the last transaction of the parcel.
LEGAL DESCRIPTIONlegal_descriptiontextFull description of the tax parcel which serves as the legal record
RESTORATION TAX ABATEMENTrestora_tax_abatementstextDetermination whether the tax parcel has a property tax reduction for the renovation of existing structures from a qualifying historic or economic development district
HOMESTEAD EXEMPTIONhomestead_exempt_typetextDetermination whether the tax parcel qualifies to receive a homestead exemption
FAIR MARKET VALUEfair_market_valnumberThe price at which the property would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller
TOTAL ASSESSED VALUEtotal_valuenumberA percentage of the fair market value determined by the use of the property (commercial or residential)
HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION VALUEhomestead_exemptionnumberA homeowner is entitled to one homestead exemption which is a maximum of $7,500 of the assessed value
TAXABLE PARISHtaxpayer_valnumberThe taxable amount for determining Parish taxes derived from the sum of land/acreage value and any improvement value minus any applicable homestead exemption