Property Information | Last Updated 23 Apr 2018

This dataset is a combination of attribute information from the master address table that is associated with the center point of building footprints. If there is no building, then the point is the center of the lot. The address information comes from a variety of sources including Public Works building permits, E-911 telephone database, Polk City Directory, and field data collection.

Tags: lot, address, property

This dataset has the following 50 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ADDRESS POINT IDaddress_point_idnumberThe unique identifier for each address point record
LOT IDlot_idnumberThe 9 or 10 digit identifier for each lot record
ADDRESS IDaddress_idnumberThe identifier for the attribute information for each address record
ADDRESS NO COMPLETEaddress_no_completetext
STREET PREFIX DIRECTIONst_prefix_dirtextDirectional prefix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET PREFIX TYPEst_prefix_typetextType of street (Avenue, Boulevard, Rue, etc)
STREET NAMEst_nametextOfficial name of the street
STREET SUFFIX TYPEst_suffix_typetextType of street (Drive, Road, Highway, Boulevard, etc)
STREET SUFFIX DIRECTIONst_suffix_dirtextDirectional suffix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET EXTENSIONst_exttext"EXT" is used when a street is designated as an extension of the original
FULL ADDRESSfull_addresstextComplete address number and street name
CITYcitytextThe US Postal Service community name
ZIPzipnumberThe US Postal Service ZIP code
SUBDIVISION IDsubd_idnumberThe unique identifier for each subdivision record
SUBDIVISIONsubdivisiontextThe official subdivision name
PROPERTY NAMEproperty_infotextTract or property name for lots not located in a subdivision
BUSINESS IDbusiness_idnumberThe unique identifier for each business name record
BUSINESS NAMEbusiness_nametextThe official business name as recorded in the Occupational License
BUSINESS NAICS CODEbusiness_naics_codenumberThe designated North American Industrial Classification Standard (NAICS) Code
PLANNING DISTRICT NOpla_distnumberThe Planning Commission district number (1-16)
SUBAREA NOsub_areanumberPlanning Districts are divided into 3-5 subareas
LOT BLOCK MAP NOlb_mapnumberThe retired City-Parish lot and block map number (1-267)
LOT NOlot_numtextThe lot number as designated on the final plat
CITY BLOCK SQUARE NOblock_numtextFor inner city lots that are part of a larger block or square
LOT JURISDICTIONlot_locationtextJurisdiction of the lot including Baker, Baton Rouge, Central, Zachary, or unincorporated area (EBRP)
WARD NOward_numbertextDivision of the Parish for property legal description purposes
TAX SECTIONtax_sectiontextDivision of the Parish wards for property recordation purposes
PUBLIC LAND SURVEY SYSTEMplsstextThe township, range, and section that the lot is bound by
CENSUS TRACTcensus_tractnumber
CENSUS BLOCK GROUPblock_groupnumberUS Census block group number
TRAFFIC ANALYSIS ZONEdotd_mapnumberAn area number designated by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
POLICE DISTRICTpolice_districttextBaton Rouge Police Department district number
FIRE DISTRICTfire_districttextThe fire protection district name
SCHOOL DISTRICTschool_districttextEast Baton Rouge, Baker, Central, and Zachary school system district numbers
VOTING PRECINCTvoting_districttext19th Judicial District ward and voting precinct number
COUNCIL DISTRICT NOcouncil_dist_nonumberMetropolitan Council District number (1-12)
ENTERPRISE ZONEenterprise_zonetextEnterprise Zone name as designated by the State of Louisiana and City-Parish
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONEeconomic_dev_zonetextOne of the four sites designated in EBRP
REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICTredevelopment_districttextOld Town redevelopment district as designated by the Unified Development Code
HISTORIC DISTRICThistoric_districttextNational or Local historic district designation
HISTORIC LANDMARKhistoric_landmarktextNational or Local historic landmark designation
URBAN DESIGN DISTRICTudd_nametextUrban design district as designated by the Unified Development Code
URBAN DESIGN OVERLAY DISTRICTudod_nametextUrban design overlay district as designated by the Unified Development Code
INDUSTRIAL AREAindustrial_areatextOne of the six City-Parish Industrial Areas as designated in the Plan of Government
EXISTING LAND USEexisting_land_usetextThe predominant current day land use character of the lot
FUTURE LAND USEfuture_land_usetextThe planned land use for the lot as designated by the City-Parish comprehensive plan
ZONING TYPEzoning_typetextA designation approved by the Metropolitan Council that regulates the development of property
LOT AREA MEASUREMENTarea_meas_acresnumberArea of the lot measured in acres
GEOLOCATIONgeo_locationlocationGeographic location of the address consisting of Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
DESIGN LEVELdesign_leveltextA range of development standards that promote and encourage consistency in the quality of design throughout the City-Parish, defined by intensity of development and preferred urban form