Property Information | Last Updated 4 Sep 2019

This dataset is a combination of attribute information from the master address table and the lot or property records table. The address points are created within a building footprint and in the case where there is no building, then the point is the center of the lot. The address information comes from a variety of sources including final subdivision plats, building permits, E-911 master street address guide (MSAG) database, Polk City Directory, and field data collection.

Tags: lot, address, property

This dataset has the following 50 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ADDRESS POINT IDaddress_point_idnumberThe unique identifier for each address point record
LOT IDlot_idnumberThe 9 or 10 digit identifier for each lot (property) record
ADDRESS IDaddress_idnumberThe identifier for the attribute information for each address record
ADDRESS NOaddress_no_completetextThe complete street address number assigned to the property record
STREET PREFIX DIRECTIONst_prefix_dirtextDirectional prefix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET PREFIX TYPEst_prefix_typetextType of street (Avenue, Boulevard, Rue, etc)
STREET NAMEst_nametextOfficial name of the street
STREET SUFFIX TYPEst_suffix_typetextType of street (Drive, Road, Highway, Boulevard, etc)
STREET SUFFIX DIRECTIONst_suffix_dirtextDirectional suffix (N, S, E, W) of the street
STREET EXTENSIONst_exttext"EXT" is used when a street is designated as an extension of the original
FULL ADDRESSfull_addresstextComplete address number and street name
CITYcitytextThe US Postal Service community name
ZIPzipnumberThe US Postal Service ZIP code
SUBDIVISION IDsubd_idnumberThe unique identifier for each subdivision record
SUBDIVISIONsubdivisiontextThe official subdivision name
PROPERTY NAMEproperty_infotextTract or property name for lots not located in a subdivision
BUSINESS IDbusiness_idnumberThe unique identifier for each business name record
BUSINESS NAMEbusiness_nametextThe official business name as recorded in the Occupational License
BUSINESS NAICS CODEbusiness_naics_codenumberThe designated North American Industrial Classification Standard (NAICS) Code
PLANNING DISTRICT NOpla_distnumberThe City-Parish Planning Commission district number (1-16)
SUBAREA NOsub_areanumberPlanning Districts are divided into 3-5 subareas
LOT BLOCK MAP NOlb_mapnumberThe retired City-Parish lot and block map number (1-267)
LOT NOlot_numtextThe lot number as designated on the final plat for each property record
CITY BLOCK SQUARE NOblock_numtextFor inner city lots that are part of a larger block or square
LOT JURISDICTIONlot_locationtextJurisdiction of the lot including Baker, Baton Rouge, Central, Zachary, or unincorporated area (EBRP)
WARD NOward_numbertextDivision of the Parish for property legal description purposes
TAX SECTIONtax_sectiontextDivision of the Parish wards for property recordation purposes
PUBLIC LAND SURVEY SYSTEMplsstextThe township, range, and section that the lot is bound by
CENSUS TRACTcensus_tractnumberUS Census tract number
CENSUS BLOCK GROUPblock_groupnumberUS Census block group number
TRAFFIC ANALYSIS ZONEdotd_mapnumberAn area number designated by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development
POLICE DISTRICTpolice_districttextBaton Rouge Police Department district number
FIRE DISTRICTfire_districttextThe fire protection district name
SCHOOL DISTRICTschool_districttextEast Baton Rouge, Baker, Central, and Zachary school system district numbers
VOTING PRECINCTvoting_districttext19th Judicial District ward and voting precinct number
COUNCIL DISTRICT NOcouncil_dist_nonumberMetropolitan Council District number (1-12)
ENTERPRISE ZONEenterprise_zonetextEnterprise Zone name as designated by the State of Louisiana and City-Parish
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONEeconomic_dev_zonetextOne of the four sites designated in EBRP
REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICTredevelopment_districttextOld Town redevelopment district as designated by the Unified Development Code
HISTORIC DISTRICThistoric_districttextNational or Local historic district designation
HISTORIC LANDMARKhistoric_landmarktextNational or Local historic landmark designation
URBAN DESIGN DISTRICTudd_nametextUrban design district as designated by the Unified Development Code
URBAN DESIGN OVERLAY DISTRICTudod_nametextUrban design overlay district as designated by the Unified Development Code
INDUSTRIAL AREAindustrial_areatextOne of the six (6) Industrial Areas in EBRP as designated in the Plan of Government
EXISTING LAND USEexisting_land_usetextThe predominant current day land use character of the lot; definitions can be found on
FUTURE LAND USEfuture_land_usetextThe planned land use for the lot as designated by the City-Parish comprehensive plan; definitions can be found on
DESIGN LEVELdesign_leveltextA range of development standards that promote and encourage consistency in the quality of design throughout the City-Parish, defined by intensity of development and preferred urban form
ZONING DISTRICTzoning_typetextA designation approved by the Metropolitan Council that regulates the development of property; definitions can be found on
LOT AREA MEASUREMENTarea_meas_acresnumberArea of the lot measured in acres
GEOLOCATIONgeo_locationlocationGeographic location of the address consisting of Latitude and Longitude coordinates