Land Use Data 2019 | Last Updated 16 Aug 2019

The data set provides data on the predominant land use for all parcels in the City of Cambridge as of June 30, 2019. The land use indicated reflects both existing uses and buildings currently under construction. The data behind the map is drawn from Assessing Department data and is supplemented with information taken from the Development Log and building permits issued by the Inspectional Services Department.

Tags: land use, planning

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Street AddresslocationtextStreet address of parcel.
Map-Lotmap_lottextUnique parcel identifier found in the deed and used by the Assessing data system.
MapmaptextAssessing map referenced by parcel deed.
LotlottextParcel number referenced by deed.
Land Arealand_areanumberArea of parcel in square feet.
Land Use Codeland_use_codetextThe four digit text string in this field indicates the primary usage of a parcel. See metadata document for complete listing of all code definitions.
Land Use Categoryland_use_categorytextBroad grouping of more specific land use codes.
Land Use Descriptionland_use_descriptiontextShort description gives more detail about the specific use indicated by the Land Use Code.
Existing Unitsexisting_unitsnumberNumber of residential units, if any.
Mixed Usemixed_usetextPresence of value indicates mixed of residential and nonresidential uses. Ground floor indicates commercial use only at that location. Mixed indicates mixed uses throughout structure or multiple structures with different uses.
Group Quartersgroup_quarterstextIndicates whether property is used for group quarters living arrangement such as a group home or dormitory.
Grad Student Housinggrad_student_housingtextIndicates whether property houses graduate students in apartment-style units.
CondocondotextIndicates shared ownership of property through condominium arrangement.
Tax Statustax_statustextBasis for property tax exemption, if any.
Location 1location_1pointLatitude and longitude of parcel center point.