National Immunization Survey Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM): Vaccination Status and Intent by Demographics | Last Updated 6 Jul 2022

National Immunization Survey Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM): CDC is providing information on COVID-19 vaccine confidence to supplement vaccine administration data. These data represent trends in vaccination status and intent by demographics. Following collection of August 2021 survey data, an error in data processing led to incorrect categorization of some survey respondents; some respondents who should have been categorized as MSA: Principal City instead were categorized as MSA: Non-Principal City. Data downloaded during the period September 12, 2021 through September 30, 2021 may have incorrect estimates by MSA status, SVI of county of residence, and political leaning of county of residence.

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This dataset has the following 13 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Geography Typegeography_typetextThe classification (National or Jurisdictional) of geographies.
GeographygeographytextThe name of the geography for which estimates are calculated
Group Namegroup_nametextThe name of the variable by which estimates are grouped. (All, Age, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Health Insurance, Vaccination Status, Vaccination Intent etc.)
Group Categorygroup_categorytextThe level of each group variable (18 – 29 years, Insured/Not Insured, Urban etc.)
Indicator Nameindicator_nametextThe indicator variable assessed by the survey (Concern about COVID-19, Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Vaccination and Intent 4 level grouping etc.)
Indicator Categoryindicator_categorytextThe level of the indicator variable assessed by the survey (Many or Almost All Friends and Family Vaccinated, Very or Completely Confident in COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Vaccinated, etc.)
Time Periodtime_periodtextThe dates the telephone interviews were conducted to collect the data on which the estimates were calculated (June 13 – June 19, May 30 – June 26, etc.)
Yeartime_yeartextThe year the telephone interviews were conducted.
Time Typetime_typetext Indicates whether the estimate was based on a week of interview data or a month of interview data.
Estimate (%)estimatetextThe numerical estimate of the weighted proportion giving the response
95% CI (%)coninf_95textThe 95% confidence interval of the estimate
Sample Sizesample_sizetextThe unweighted number of respondents in the denominator used to calculate the proportion estimates.
Suppression Flagsuppression_flagnumberEstimates with sample sizes smaller than 30 people are suppressed (missing) and have a value of 1 for this field. If the estimate had a sample size greater than 30 people, the estimate was not suppressed, and this field has a value of 0.