National Immunization Survey Child COVID Module (NIS-CCM): COVIDVaxViews| Data | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( | Last Updated 24 Jan 2024

National Immunization Survey Child COVID Module (NIS-CCM): CDC is providing information on COVID-19 vaccine uptake and confidence. These data represent trends in vaccination status and intent, and other behavioral indicators, by demographics and other characteristics.

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This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Geography Typegeography_typetextThe classification (National) of geographies.
GeographygeographytextThe name of the geography for which estimates are calculated.
Age Rangeage_rangetextThe age range of the child of the adult respondent.
Group Namegroup_nametextThe name of the variable by which estimates are grouped. (All, Age, Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Health Insurance, Vaccination Status, Vaccination Intent, etc.)
Group Categorygroup_categorytextThe level of each group variable (12-17 years, Uninsured, Urban etc.)
Indicator Nameindicator_nametextThe indicator variable assessed by the survey (Concern about COVID-19, Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Vaccination and Intent 4-level grouping etc.)
Indicator Categoryindicator_categorytextThe level of the indicator variable assessed by the survey (Very or Completely Confident in COVID-19 Vaccine Safety, Vaccinated, etc.)
Time Typetime_typetextIndicates that the estimate was based on a month of interview data.
Yeartime_yeartextThe year the telephone interviews were conducted.
Time Periodtime_periodtextThe dates the telephone interviews were conducted to collect the data on which the estimates were calculated (May 30 – June 26, October 26 – November 30).
Estimate (%)estimatenumberThe numerical estimate of the weighted proportion giving the response.
95% CIconinf_95textThe 95% confidence interval of the estimate.
Sample Sizesample_sizenumberThe unweighted number of respondents in the denominator used to calculate the proportion estimates. This column will be blank/missing where Suppression Flag has a value of 1.
Suppression Flagsuppression_flagnumberEstimates with sample sizes smaller than 30 people are suppressed (missing) and have a value of 1 for this field. If the estimate had a sample size greater than 30 people, the estimate was not suppressed, and this field has a value of 0.