Municipal Water Map | Last Updated 28 Aug 2016

Energy and water data by site.

Tags: energy, water, budget

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DepartmentdepartmenttextCity Department name
idsiteidsitenumberUnique site identifier
SitesitetextSite name
End Useend_usetextDescription of site end use
Annual Costannual_costnumberAnnualized water cost
Annual Water (Gallons)annual_water_gallonsnumberAnnualized water consumption
Annual Elec (kWh)annual_elec_kwhnumberAnnualised electricity consumption
Annual Nat Gas (Therms)annual_nat_gas_thermsnumberAnnualized natural gas consumption
Annual Energy (kWheq)annual_energy_kwheqnumberTotal annualized energy consumption
Location 1location_1locationSite address