Lobbyist Data - Historical - Lobbyist Registry - 2010

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All lobbyist registration fillings submitted to the Board of Ethics during the 2010 reporting period. / All lobbyists must register with the City of Chicago Board of Ethics by filing a Statement of Registration within five business days of engaging in lobbying activity and annually thereafter by January 20th. Lobbyist registration information is submitted to the Board of Ethics in paper form and is available in its entirety in the Board's offices. The Board has, since 2000, compiled and posted static lists of all lobbyists and their clients online. Data for the 2010 reporting period is limited because previous policy did not require the Board of Ethics to prioritize the reporting of all data available from paper filings. Moving forward, the Board of Ethics will compile and report more data about lobbyists and their activities, and make that additional information publicly available in machine-readable format. / Data Owner: Board of Ethics [http://j.mp/mbH9BN] / Time Period: January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010 / Related Applications: Registered Lobbyist List [http://j.mp/l8LwAq], 2011 Lobbyist Registry [http://j.mp/ifigjs]

Tags: lobbyists, historical

This dataset has the following 7 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
LOBBYIST LAST NAMElobbyist_last_nametext
LOBBYIST FIRST NAMElobbyist_first_nametext
LOBBYIST ADDRESSlobbyist_addresstext
LOBBYIST CITYlobbyist_citytext
LOBBYIST ZIPlobbyist_zipnumber
REGISTERED EMPLOYERS NAMESregistered_employers_namestext
LOBBYING CLIENTS NAMESlobbying_clients_namestext