Roadway Construction Moratoriums | Last Updated 11 Jul 2018

Moratoriums are established by the Department of Transportation as a method of protecting reconstructed or repaved roadways within the boundaries of the city. By having access to this Moratorium list in advance, contractors or utilities with projects that require excavation of roadways can more effectively plan and review conflicts that will be encountered. Currently, roadway sections with active moratoriums have special consideration as to method and size of restoration, and additionally, increased permit fees. Three moratorium types are displayed on this web site: (1) Street Construction is used when the street has been reconstructed. By City ordinance, the moratorium is ten (10) years and during this period permit fees are doubled. (2) Street Resurfacing is used when the road has been repaved. By City ordinance, the moratorium is seven (7) years and during this period permit fees are doubled. (3) Median or Median Landscaping is used where landscaped medians or planters exist on the street median. For these moratoriums types, there is no fee adjustment; however, if a construction permit is being requested, the applicant will be directed to review the planned project with the Department of Transportation/Division of Engineering staff for special instructions on how to properly protect or reconstruct street medians.

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This dataset has the following 8 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
MORATORIUM TYPEmoratorium_typetext
STREET ADDRESS BEGINstreet_address_beginnumber
STREET ADDRESS ENDstreet_address_endnumber
STREET ADDRESS PREFIXstreet_address_prefixtext
STREET NAMEstreet_nametext
STREET NAME SUFFIXstreet_name_suffixtext
START DATEstart_datecalendar_date
EXPIRATION DATEexpiration_datecalendar_date