Sidewalk Cafe Permits - Current | Last Updated 14 Nov 2019

A list of current (unexpired) permits for sidewalk cafes -- outdoor restaurant seating on the public way. Because businesses may begin sidewalk cafe operations on March 1 and operate through December 1, there may be no records outside that time period each year. For more information on this type of permit, see

Tags: business, licenses, sidewalk cafes, summer, seasonal

This dataset has the following 24 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
PERMIT NUMBERpermit_numbernumber
ACCOUNT NUMBERaccount_numbernumberThe account number of the business owner, which will stay consistent across that owner's licenses and can be used to find the owner in the Business Owners and Business Licenses datasets.
SITE NUMBERsite_numbernumberAn internal database ID indicating the location of this licensed business to account for business owners with more than one location.
LEGAL NAMElegal_nametext
DOING BUSINESS AS NAMEdoing_business_as_nametext
ISSUED DATEissued_datecalendar_dateThe date the permit was issued.
EXPIRATION DATEexpiration_datecalendar_dateThe date the permit expires.
PAYMENT DATEpayment_datecalendar_dateThe date the City of Chicago received payment for the permit.
ADDRESS NUMBER STARTaddress_number_starttextIf the permit covers an address range, this is the beginning of the range. It is the address used for the LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, and LOCATION columns.
ADDRESS NUMBERaddress_numbertextThe address number or address number range covered by the permit.
STREET DIRECTIONstreet_directiontext
STREET TYPEstreet_typetext
ZIP CODEzip_codetext
WARDwardnumberThe ward where the business is located.
PRECINCTprecinctnumberThe precinct within the ward where the business is located. Note the the same precinct numbers exist in multiple wards.
WARD PRECINCTward_precincttextThe ward and precinct where the business is located. This column can be used to filter by precinct more easily across multiple wards.
POLICE DISTRICTpolice_districtnumber