Business Licenses - Current Active | Last Updated 16 Dec 2019

This dataset contains all current and active business licenses issued by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. This dataset contains a large number of records /rows of data and may not be viewed in full in Microsoft Excel. Therefore, when downloading the file, select CSV from the Export menu. Open the file in an ASCII text editor, such as Notepad or Wordpad, to view and search. Data fields requiring description are detailed below. APPLICATION TYPE: 'ISSUE' is the record associated with the initial license application. 'RENEW' is a subsequent renewal record. All renewal records are created with a term start date and term expiration date. 'C_LOC' is a change of location record. It means the business moved. 'C_CAPA' is a change of capacity record. Only a few license types my file this type of application. 'C_EXPA' only applies to businesses that have liquor licenses. It means the business location expanded. LICENSE STATUS: 'AAI' means the license was issued. Business license owners may be accessed at: To identify the owner of a business, you will need the account number or legal name. Data Owner: Business Affairs and Consumer Protection Time Period: Current Frequency: Data is updated daily

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This dataset has the following 34 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidtextA calculated ID for each record.
LICENSE IDlicense_idnumberAn internal database ID for each record. Each license can have multiple records as it goes through renewals and other transactions. See the LICENSE NUMBER field for the number generally known to the public and used in most other data sources that refer to the license.
ACCOUNT NUMBERaccount_numbernumberThe account number of the business owner, which will stay consistent across that owner's licenses and can be used to find the owner in the Business Owners dataset.
SITE NUMBERsite_numbernumberAn internal database ID indicating the location of this licensed business to account for business owners with more than one location.
LEGAL NAMElegal_nametext
DOING BUSINESS AS NAMEdoing_business_as_nametext
ZIP CODEzip_codetext
WARDwardnumberThe ward where the business is located.
PRECINCTprecinctnumberThe precinct within the ward where the business is located. Note the the same precinct numbers exist in multiple wards.
WARD PRECINCTward_precincttextThe ward and precinct where the business is located. This column can be used to filter by precinct more easily across multiple wards.
POLICE DISTRICTpolice_districtnumber
LICENSE CODElicense_codenumber
LICENSE DESCRIPTIONlicense_descriptiontext
BUSINESS ACTIVITY IDbusiness_activity_idtext
BUSINESS ACTIVITYbusiness_activitytext
LICENSE NUMBERlicense_numbernumberThe license number known to the public and generally used in other data sources that refer to the license. This is the field most users will want for most purposes. Each license has a single license number that stays consistent throughout the lifetime of the license. By contrast, the LICENSE ID field is an internal database ID and not generally useful to external users.
APPLICATION TYPEapplication_typetext
APPLICATION CREATED DATEapplication_created_datecalendar_dateThe date the business license application was created. RENEW type records do not have an application.
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS COMPLETEapplication_requirements_completecalendar_dateFor all application types except RENEW, this is the date all required application documents were received. For RENEW type records, this is the date the record was created.
PAYMENT DATEpayment_datecalendar_date
CONDITIONAL APPROVALconditional_approvaltextThis pertains to applications that contain liquor licenses. Customers may request a conditional approval prior to building out the space.
LICENSE TERM START DATElicense_start_datecalendar_date
LICENSE TERM EXPIRATION DATEexpiration_datecalendar_date
LICENSE APPROVED FOR ISSUANCElicense_approved_for_issuancecalendar_dateThis is the date the license was ready for issuance. Licenses may not be issued if the customer owes debt to the City.
DATE ISSUEDdate_issuedcalendar_date
LICENSE STATUSlicense_statustext
LICENSE STATUS CHANGE DATElicense_status_change_datecalendar_date
SSAssatextSpecial Service Areas are local tax districts that fund expanded services and programs, to foster commercial and economic development, through a localized property tax. In other cities these areas are sometimes called Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). This portal contains a map of all Chicago SSAs