City of Gainesville Job Applicant Demographics | Last Updated 26 Apr 2019

Demographic data for job applicants at the City of Gainesville for both General Government and GRU since October 2010.

Tags: hr, human resources, job, applicant, demographic, city of gainesville, gg, gru

This dataset has the following 14 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Exam Numberexam_numbertext
General Government/GRUgeneral_government_grutext
DepartmentdepartmenttextThe department hiring for the position.
DivisiondivisiontextThe division that is hiring for the position. A division lies within a department for the City of Gainesville.
Job Titlejob_titletext
Ethnic Codeethnic_codetext
Applicant Ethnicityapplicant_ethnicitytext
Gender Codegender_codetext
Applicant Genderapplicant_gendertext
Date Application Receiveddate_application_receivedcalendar_date
Stateapplicant_statetextThe state the applicant is applying from.
CitycitytextThe city that the applicant is applying from.
Original Zipapplicant_zip_codetextOriginal zip code provided by the applicant.