311 Service Requests

data.cityofgainesville.org | Last Updated 13 Aug 2019

Non-emergency requests like pothole repairs or damaged street signs can be reported through the 311GNV app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seeclickfix.gnv311.app&hl=en) or online (http://www.cityofgainesville.org/openGNV/311GNV.aspx).

Tags: 311, request, citizen, repair, non-emergency, reports

This dataset has the following 26 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
IDidtextThe unique identification number for each open service request
StatusstatustextStatus of the request. OPEN: The request has been sent ACKNOWLEDGED: Staff has acknowledged that the request has been opened. CLOSED: The service request has either been made into a work order to fix the problem or the request has been resolved with the requester. REOPENED: The request has been reopened by the requester for further investigation
Issue Typecategorytext
SummarysummarytextBrief summary of the service request
DescriptiondescriptiontextDetailed description of the service request
Service Request Datecreatedcalendar_dateThe date and time the service request was made
Last updatedlast_updatedcalendar_dateThe date and time of the last update made to the service request
Acknowledgedacknowledgedcalendar_dateThe date and time of when the service request was acknowledged by staff through the online 311 system
Reopenedreopenedcalendar_dateThe date and time of when the service request was reopened by the requester
Closedclosedcalendar_dateThe date and time of when the service request was "closed" by staff. This reflects whether the request was moved into a work order to solve the issue or if the ticket was resolved with the requester
Minutes to acknowledgeminutes_to_acknowledgenumberThe amount of time (in minutes) to acknowledge the open request with a message through the online 311 system
Minutes to closeminutes_to_closenumberThe amount of time (in minutes) to resolve the request with a message through the online 311 system
Days to closenumber_of_days_to_closenumber
Reported using mobile?reported_using_mobiletextIf the issue was reported through a mobile device
Assignee nameassignee_nametextThe department or office the request has been assigned to
Reporter Displayreporter_displaytextThe chosen display name for those reporting. May be a user name (logged in an using their user name to report), anonymous (logged in but choosing to stay anonymous) or guest (not signed in)
Addresslocation_detailtextThe address of the issue (manually input by the requester)
Police Sectorpolice_sectornumber
University Context Areauniversity_context_areatext
GRU Service Areagru_service_areatext
Commission Districtcommission_districtnumber