Tax Roll - 2014 | Last Updated 24 Apr 2019

The tax roll for 2014 comprises several CAMA tables (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) including those for tax history of the property, details of the real property, several codes tables to describe the codes, tables describing the owner of the property as well as the physical address of the property.

Tags: tax, appraisal, property, buildings

This dataset has the following 35 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Parcel Numberparcel_numbertext
Owner Nameowner_nametext
Owner Cityowner_citytext
Owner Stateowner_statetext
Owner Zipowner_ziptext
Physical Addressphysical_addresstext
Physical Cityphysical_citytext
Physical Zipphysical_ziptext
Structure on Property Y/Nstructure_on_property_y_ntext
Number of Buildings on Propertynumber_of_buildings_on_propertynumber
City Tax Codecity_tax_codetextThese are the millage codes for Gainesville, or, the code that determines the millage rate for properties in Gainesville. Please view for more details.
Land Use Codeland_use_codetextThe code the determines the Land Use Description.
Land Use Descriptionland_use_descriptiontext
Tax Roll Yeartax_roll_yeartext
Total Taxestotal_taxesnumber
Total Actual Area of Buildingstotal_actual_area_of_buildingsnumber
Total Enclosed Areatotal_enclosed_areanumber
Market Valuemarket_valuenumber
Assessed Valueassessed_valuenumber
School Assessed Valueschool_assessed_valuenumber
Taxable Valuetaxable_valuenumber
School Taxable Valueschool_taxable_valuenumber
Homestead Exemption Statushomestead_exemption_statustextDerived from an exemption code.
Exemption Amountexemption_amountnumberThe amount to be exempt from taxes paid on the property. This exemption amount will be removed from the assessed value to get the taxable value of the property. Taxes are paid on the taxable value.
Actual Year Builtactual_year_builttext
Number of Bedrooms (First building listed)number_of_bedrooms_first_building_listednumber
Number of Bathrooms (First building listed)number_of_bathrooms_first_building_listednumber
Number of Stories (First building listed)number_of_stories_first_building_listednumber
Building Use Descriptionbuilding_use_descriptiontext
Location (address)location_addresstext
Location (city)location_citytext
Location (state)location_statetext
Location (zip)location_ziptext