GRU Customer Reclaimed Water Consumption | Last Updated 27 Sep 2022

Monthly reclaimed water consumption in Kilo-gallons (kgals) by service address for all customers in the GRU Service Area. Reclaimed water is also known as sewer or wastewater. (Potable water use can be found in another dataset)

Tags: water, consumption, gallons, kgals, gru, reclaimed, sewer, wastewater

This dataset has the following 9 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Service AddressserviceaddresstextCustomer street address
Service CityservcitytextCustomer city
MonthmonthtextMonth for which utility consumption is recorded
YearyearnumberYear for which utility consumption is recorded
Datedatecalendar_dateLast day of the month of consumption
Kgal Consumptionkgal_consumptionnumberKilo-gallons consumed
LatitudelatitudenumberLatitude of customer address
LongitudelongitudenumberLongitude of customer address
Locationlocation_1pointGeo-coded address point