Energy and Water Data Disclosure for Local Law 84 2013 (Data for Calendar Year 2012) | Last Updated 11 Feb 2019

On September 25, 2013, New York City released the 2012 energy and water use data for all properties required to annually benchmark under Local Law 84. New York City is the first in the nation to publicly disclose data for large multifamily buildings. Approximately a million New Yorkers can now see how much energy and water their apartment buildings consumed in 2012. The new data set includes more than 9,000 self-reported multifamily properties, effectively more than tripling the size of the first year's list. The data also represents the first year's results of both manual and automatic water benchmarking, with more than 6,800 properties reporting water data.

Tags: mayor's office of long term planning and sustainability (oltps), energy, water, benchmarking

This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Street Numberstreet_numbernumber
Street Namestreet_nametext
Benchmarking Submissionbenchmarking_submissiontext
Entry Numberentry_numbernumber
Site EUI(kBtu/ft2)site_eui_kbtu_ft2number
Weather Normalized Source EUI(kBtu/ft2)weather_normalized_source_eui_kbtu_ft2number
Indoor Water Intensity (All Water Sources)(gal/ft2)indoor_water_intensity_all_water_sources_gal_ft2number
Reported Water Methodreported_water_methodtext
ENERGY STAR Scoreenergy_star_scoretext
Total GHG Emissions(MtCO2e)total_ghg_emissions_mtco2enumber
Property Floor Area (Buildngs and Parking)(ft2)property_floor_area_buildngs_and_parking_ft2number
Primary Property Type - Self Selectedprimary_property_type_self_selectedtext
Number of Buildingsnumber_of_buildingsnumber
BINreported_binstextReported BINs
Community Boardcommunity_boardnumber
Council Districtcommunity_councilnumber
Census Tractcensus_tractnumber