Broadband Adoption Basic Indicators | Last Updated 12 Mar 2021

Key indicators of broadband adoption, service and infrastructure in New York City by NTA.

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This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Neighborhood Tabulation Area Code (NTA Code)neighborhood_tabulation_areatext
Neighborhood Tabulation Area Name (NTA NAME)neighborhood_tabulation_area_1text
Borough Nameborough_nametext
Total Populationtotal_populationnumber
Total Number of Householdstotal_number_of_householdsnumber
Home Broadband Adoption (Percentage of Households)home_broadband_adoptionnumber
Home Broadband Adoption by Quartiles (High Connected, Medium High Connected, Medium Low Connected, Low Connected)home_broadband_adoption_bytext
Mobile Broadband Adoption (Percentage of Households)mobile_broadband_adoptionnumber
Mobile broadband adoption by Quartiles (High Connected, Medium High Connected, Medium Low Connected, Low Connected)mobile_broadband_adoption_1text
No Broadband (Percentage of Households)no_broadband_percentage_ofnumber
No Broadand by Quartiles (High, Medium High, Medium Low, Low)no_broadand_by_quartilestext
Commercial Fiber Max ISP Choice by NTAcommercial_fiber_max_ispnumber
Percentage of Blocks without a Commercial Fiber Providerpercentage_of_blocks_withoutnumber
Percentage of Blocks without a Commercial Fiber Provider by Quartilespercentage_of_blocks_without_1text
Residential Broadband ISP Choice Average by NTAresidential_broadband_ispnumber
Residential Broadband ISP Choice Average by Quartilesresidential_broadband_isp_1text
Total Polestotal_polesnumber
Reserved Polesreserved_polesnumber
Density of Poles Reserved and with Equipment Installed for Mobile Telecom Franchisedensity_of_poles_reservednumber
Public Wi-Fi in NYC Countpublic_wi_fi_in_nyc_countnumber
Number of Free Public Wi-Fi Access Points in a Pedestrian Corridornumber_of_free_public_winumber
Available Free Public Wi-Fi in a Pedestrian Corridor (Y/N)available_free_public_wicheckbox
Number of Public Computer Centers with free public Wi-Finumber_of_public_computernumber
Number of Public Computer Center Workstationsnumber_of_public_computer_1number
Number of Public Computer Center Open Lab Hoursnumber_of_public_computer_2calendar_date