Social Indicator Report Data | Last Updated 24 May 2021

The Social Indicators Report is an analysis of social conditions across New York City, including geographic and demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and the Mayor's plan for responding to problems highlighted in the report. </br></p>"The Social Indicators Report is an annual report published by the Mayor's Office of Operations to provide a statistical portrait of the City and to help guide the City's efforts to reduce disparities and advance equity. The Social Indicators Report data is compiled from agency requests and census data. The records in this dataset represent current conditions in our society in a number of domains (e.g. Education, Health) and for a variety of populations (e.g. Citywide, by Borough, Race/Ethnicity, Gender). This data can be used to get a clearer understanding of current conditions in New York City, and identifying unmet needs, and areas where progress is being made. Local Law 177 requires the City to report data disaggregated by race, gender, income, and sexual orientation. This year's update meets that requirement wherever feasible. Data on sexual identity is not currently collected at the individual level for the indicators included in this update."

Tags: ceo, moo, indicators, social conditions, nycopp, citywide

This dataset has the following 15 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
indicator_idindicator_idtextThe unique identifier for values in the indicator_name column.
indicator_nameindicator_nametextDescription of the indicator (e.g. "College Readiness").
domain_iddomain_idtextThe unique identifier for values in the domain column
domaindomaintextBroadest policy area of the indicator (e.g. "Education").
agency_city_idagency_city_idtextThe unique identifier for value in the agency_name.
agency_nameagency_nametextAgency name associated with the indicator.
dimension_category_iddimension_category_idtextThe unique identifier for value in the dimension_category category.
dimension_categorydimension_categorytextA broad category to describe the data (e.g. "Gender").
dimension_iddimension_idtextThe unique identifier for values in the dimension column.
dimensiondimensiontextThe specific category to describe the data (e.g. "Male").
industryindustrytextIndustry type associated with the City's contract.
intervalintervaltextTypes of year. Value are one of the following: Fiscal Year, Calendar Year, or School Year.
periodperiodtextYear value.
unitunittextUnit of measurement for the indicator (e.g. "Household", "Individual")
valuevaluetextData points