Demographics by Zip Code | Last Updated 20 Jun 2019

This dataset provides a Demographic breakdown of only DYCD-funded participants within a Zip Code of NYC. The data displays the counts, and percentages of the participants in each of the following categories: ● Gender (Male, Female, Unknown) ● Ethnicity (Hispanic/Latino, non-Hispanic/non-Latino) ● Race (Pacific Islander, American Indian, Asian, White, Black, Other, Unknown) This data is used to measure the numbers of the different population groups that are served by DYCD for a Borough, and Community.

Tags: dycd; demographics by zip code

This dataset has the following 25 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
Data os of Datedata_os_of_datecalendar_date
Zip Codezip_codetext
Program Typeprogram_typetext
Female Countfemale_countnumber
Female Percentagefemale_percentagenumber
Male Countmale_countnumber
Male Percentagemale_percentagenumber
Gender Nonconforming Countgender_nonconforming_countnumber
Gender Nonconforming Percentagegender_nonconformingnumber
American Indian or Alaskan Native Countamerican_indian_or_alaskannumber
American Indian or Alaskan Native Percentageamerican_indian_or_alaskan_1number
Asian Countasian_countnumber
Asian Percentageasian_percentagenumber
Black or African American Countblack_or_african_americannumber
Black or African American Percentageblack_or_african_american_1number
Multi-race Countmulti_race_countnumber
Multi-race Percentagemulti_race_percentagenumber
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Countnative_hawaiian_or_othernumber
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Percentagenative_hawaiian_or_other_1number
White or Caucasian Countwhite_or_caucasian_countnumber
White or Caucasian Percentagewhite_or_caucasian_percentagenumber
Hispanic or Latino(a) Counthispanic_or_latino_a_countnumber
Hispanic or Latino(a) Percentagehispanic_or_latino_anumber
Not Hispanic or Latino(a) Countnot_hispanic_or_latino_anumber
Not Hispanic or Latino(a) Percentagenot_hispanic_or_latino_a_1number