DOB Job Application Filings | Last Updated 20 Jun 2019

This dataset contains all job applications submitted through the Borough Offices, through eFiling, or through the HUB, which have a "Latest Action Date" since January 1, 2000. This dataset does not include jobs submitted through DOB NOW. See the DOB NOW: Build – Job Application Filings dataset for DOB NOW jobs.

Tags: job, dob, buildings

This dataset has the following 96 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Job #job__textNumber assigned by DOB to Job Filing
Doc #doc__textDocument Number
Boroughboroughtext1= Manhattan, 2= Bronx, 3 = Brooklyn, 4 = Queens, 5 = Staten Island
House #house__textHouse Number of Residence or Commercial Property
Street Namestreet_nametextStreet Name where Property is located
BlockblocktextTax block assigned by Department of Finance
LotlottextTax lot assigned by Department of Finance
Bin #bin__textNumber assigned by City Planning to a specific building
Job Typejob_typetextJob Type, based on DOB Job Code (NB-New Building, A1, A2, A3- Alterations 1-3, SG-Sign, etc.)
Job Statusjob_statustextDOB Status code of job (A-Pre Filed, I-Sign Off, P- Approved, R-Permit Entire) Complete List -
Job Status Descrpjob_status_descrptextStatus code description
Latest Action Datelatest_action_datecalendar_dateLatest status date
Building Typebuilding_typetext1-2-3 Family or Other
Community - Boardcommunity___boardtext3-digit identifier: Borough code = first position, last 2 = community board
LandmarkedlandmarkedtextL code indicates that the building has been assigned landmark status
Adult Estabadult_estabtextAdult Estab
Loft Boardloft_boardtextLoft Board
City Ownedcity_ownedtextCity Owned
Little elittle_etextHazardous
PC Filedpc_filedtextApplication Filed electronically, rather than manually
eFiling Filedefiling_filedtextApplication Filed electronically, rather than manually
PlumbingplumbingtextPlumbing Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
MechanicalmechanicaltextMechanical Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
BoilerboilertextBoiler Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Fuel Burningfuel_burningtextFuel Burning Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Fuel Storagefuel_storagetextFuel Storage Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
StandpipestandpipetextStandpipe Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
SprinklersprinklertextSprinkler Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Fire Alarmfire_alarmtextFire Alarm Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
EquipmentequipmenttextEquipment Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Fire Suppressionfire_suppressiontextFire Suppression Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Curb Cutcurb_cuttextCurb Cut Work Type? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
OtherothertextOther? (X=Yes, Blank=No)
Other Descriptionother_descriptiontextOther Description
Applicant's First Nameapplicant_s_first_nametextFirst Name of Applicant
Applicant's Last Nameapplicant_s_last_nametextLast Name of Applicant
Applicant Professional Titleapplicant_professional_titletextApplicant's Professional Title
Applicant License #applicant_license__textNumber assigned to the skilled trade person/contractor or licensed professional
Professional Certprofessional_certtextJob is Professionally Certified by Licensed Professional instead of having it reviewed by Department of Building's Plan Examiners
Pre- Filing Datepre__filing_datetextDate when job is prefiled
PaidpaidtextDate when job is paid
Fully Paidfully_paidtextDate when job is paid and entered
AssignedassignedtextDate when job is assigned to plan examiner
ApprovedapprovedtextDate when job is approved
Fully Permittedfully_permittedtextDate when job is fully permitted
Initial Costinitial_costtextEstimated cost of job
Total Est. Feetotal_est__feetextEstimated fee of job
Fee Statusfee_statustextType of Fee
Existing Zoning Sqftexisting_zoning_sqftnumberExisting Zoning Sqft
Proposed Zoning Sqftproposed_zoning_sqftnumberProposed Zoning Sqft
Horizontal Enlrgmthorizontal_enlrgmttextHorizontal Enlrgmt
Vertical Enlrgmtvertical_enlrgmttextVertical Enlrgmt
Enlargement SQ Footageenlargement_sq_footagenumberEnlargement SQ Footage
Street Frontagestreet_frontagenumberStreet Frontage
ExistingNo. of Storiesexistingno_of_storiesnumberExistingNo. of Stories
Proposed No. of Storiesproposed_no_of_storiesnumberProposed No. of Stories
Existing Heightexisting_heightnumberExisting Height
Proposed Heightproposed_heightnumberProposed Height
Existing Dwelling Unitsexisting_dwelling_unitstextExisting Dwelling Units
Proposed Dwelling Unitsproposed_dwelling_unitstextProposed Dwelling Units
Existing Occupancyexisting_occupancytextExisting Occupancy
Proposed Occupancyproposed_occupancytextProposed Occupancy
Site Fillsite_filltextSite Fill
Zoning Dist1zoning_dist1textZoning Distr 1
Zoning Dist2zoning_dist2textZoning Distr 2
Zoning Dist3zoning_dist3textZoning Distr 3
Special District 1special_district_1textSpecial Distr 1
Special District 2special_district_2textSpecial District 2
Owner Typeowner_typetextOwner Type
Owner's First Nameowner_s_first_nametextFirst Name of property owner
Owner's Last Nameowner_s_last_nametextLast Name of property owner
Owner's Business Nameowner_s_business_nametextBusiness Name of Property Owner
Owner's House Numberowner_s_house_numbertextHouse Number of Property Owner
Owner'sHouse Street Nameowner_shouse_street_nametextHouse Street Name of Property Owner
Owner'sPhone #owner_sphone__textOwner's Phone #
Job Descriptionjob_descriptiontextJob Description
DOBRunDatedobrundatecalendar_dateDate when query is run and pushed to Open Data. Could be used to differentiate report dates.
TOTAL_CONSTRUCTION_FLOOR_AREAtotal_construction_floor_areatextTotal Construction Floor Area
WITHDRAWAL_FLAGwithdrawal_flagtextWithdrawal Indicator
SIGNOFF_DATEsignoff_datetextSign-off Date
SPECIAL_ACTION_STATUSspecial_action_statustextSpecial Action Status
SPECIAL_ACTION_DATEspecial_action_datetextSpecial Action Date
BUILDING_CLASSbuilding_classtextBuilding Class
JOB_NO_GOOD_COUNTjob_no_good_counttextJob No Good Count
GIS_COUNCIL_DISTRICTgis_council_districttextCouncil District
GIS_CENSUS_TRACTgis_census_tracttextCensus Tract
GIS_NTA_NAMEgis_nta_nametextNTA Name