2005-2010 Graduation Outcomes - School Level

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Graduation Outcomes - Cohorts of 2001 through 2006 (Classes of 2005 through 2010) ¶¶•The New York State calculation method was first adopted for the Cohort of 2001 (Class of 2005). The cohort consists of all students who first entered 9th grade in a given school year (e.g., the Cohort of 2006 entered 9th grade in the 2006-2007 school year). Graduates are defined as those students earning either a Local or Regents diploma and exclude those earning either a special education (IEP) diploma or GED. For the most recent cohort, graduation rates as of both June and August (including summer graduates) are reported. ¶¶•Records with cohorts of 20 students or less are suppressed. August outcomes are only reported for the most recent cohort. ¶¶•August outcomes include all June and August graduates. In school-level reporting, students who were in a school for less than 5 months are not included in the school’s cohort, but are included in citywide totals. ¶¶•School level results are not presented for District 79 schools, but their outcomes are included in citywide totals. ¶¶•Schools are listed by their current DBN's.

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This dataset has the following 23 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeSample Values
School Nameschool_nametext
Total Cohorttotal_cohortnumber
Total Grads - ntotal_grads_ntext
Total Grads - % of cohorttotal_grads_of_cohortnumber
Total Regents - ntotal_regents_ntext
Total Regents - % of cohorttotal_regents_of_cohortnumber
Total Regents - % of gradstotal_regents_of_gradsnumber
Advanced Regents - nadvanced_regents_ntext
Advanced Regents - % of cohortadvanced_regents_of_cohortnumber
Advanced Regents - % of gradsadvanced_regents_of_gradsnumber
Regents w/o Advanced - nregents_w_o_advanced_ntext
Regents w/o Advanced - % of cohortregents_w_o_advanced_of_cohortnumber
Regents w/o Advanced - % of gradsregents_w_o_advanced_of_gradsnumber
Local - nlocal_ntext
Local - % of cohortlocal_of_cohortnumber
Local - % of gradslocal_of_gradsnumber
Still Enrolled - nstill_enrolled_ntext
Still Enrolled - % of cohortstill_enrolled_of_cohortnumber
Dropped Out - ndropped_out_ntext
Dropped Out - % of cohortdropped_out_of_cohortnumber