Derelict Vehicle Dispositions - Tow | Last Updated 8 Jun 2019

"Provides data on abandoned vehicles on city streets that did not meet DSNY guidelines to be classified as derelict and that were tagged and reported to the NYPD Rotation Tow (ro-tow) Program for towing. For information on how to report an abandoned vehicle, go to: Related datasets: - -

Tags: derelict, vehicle, dsny, sanitation, tow

This dataset has the following 16 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
ISNisnnumberInitial sequence number Initial sequence numbers (ISN) refers to the unique32-bit sequence number assigned to each new connection on a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)-based data communication. It helps with the allocation of a sequence number that does not conflict with other data bytes transmitted over a TCP connection.
DVT_ROTOW_TAGNOdvt_rotow_tagnonumberRotation Towing Tag Number
DVT_DISTRICTdvt_districttextDistrict code Two to three-letter district code for Borough is followed by two-digit community board number for the Borough. BKE, BKN, BKW = Brooklyn East, Brooklyn North, Brooklyn West; BXE, BXW = Bronx East, Bronx West; MNE, MNW - Manhattan East , Manhattan West; QN, QS, QW = Queens North, Queens, South, Queens West; SI - Staten Island.
DVT_TAGDTdvt_tagdttextDate vehicle was tagged (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVT_TAGTMdvt_tagtmtextTime vehicle was tagged (Format: HHMM)
DVT_LOCATIONdvt_locationtextLocation where vehicle was tagged
DVT_BETWEEN_1dvt_between_1textLocation cross street # 1
DVT_BETWEEN_2dvt_between_2textLocation cross street # 2
DVT_MAKEdvt_maketextVehicle's make
DVT_COLORdvt_colortextVehicle's color
DVT_TYPEdvt_typetextVehicle's type "2D 2 door vehicle 4D 4 door vehicle BS bus BX box truck HE heavy truck MC motorcycle NV non-vehicle (boat house trailer, large container 10 - 40 yards, small container 1 to 2 yards) PT pickup or panel truck SV step van SW station wagon TL trailer TR truck VN van"
DVT_FINAL_DISP_CDdvt_final_disp_cdtextEntry timestamp (Format: YYYYMMDDHHMM)
DVT_FINAL_DISP_DTdvt_final_disp_dttextFinal Disposition code (DVO, LP, NOL, OC) "DVO Derelict Vehicle Office LP license plate NOL not on location OC owner claim "
DVT_FINAL_DISP_TMdvt_final_disp_tmtextFinal Disposition date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
DVT_TAG_NOdvt_tag_notextFinal Disposition time (Format: HHMM)