Charitable Organizations’ Offices in Colorado | Last Updated 9 Jul 2018

Non-profit organizations (NPO) data consisting of mailing address, phone, fax, website, organization name in Colorado by the Colorado Department of State (CDOS).

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This dataset has the following 24 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
entityIdentityidtextEntity Id
entityTypeentitytypetextType of entity. CO = Charitable Organization. PS = Paid Solicitor. PFC = Professional Fundraising Consultant
documentIddocumentidnumberUnique ID associated with document
feinfeintextFederal Employer Identification Number
namenametextCharitable Organization, Paid Solicitor or Professional Fundraising Consultant name
isParentOrganizationisparentorganizationcheckboxIdentifies record as a branch, affiliate, or chapter of parent organization.
organizationNameorganizationnametextIf consultant is not an individual but an organization
firstNamefirstnametextIf consultant is individual (first name)
middleNamemiddlenametextIf consultant is individual (middle name)
lastNamelastnametextIf consultant is individual (last name)
principalAddressprincipaladdresstextPrincipal street address
principalCityprincipalcitytextPrincipal City
principalCountyprincipalcountytextPrincipal County
principalStateprincipalstatetextPrincipal State
principalZipCodeprincipalzipcodetextPrincipal zip code
principalZipCode4principalzipcode4textIf a nine digit zip was given, the full code will be displayed here
mailingAddressmailingaddresstextMailing Address
mailingCitymailingcitytextMailing City
mailingStatemailingstatetextMailing State
mailingZipCodemailingzipcodetextMailing zip code
mailingZipCode4mailingzipcode4textIf a nine digit zip was given, the full code will be displayed here
phonephonenumberPhone number
faxfaxnumberFax number
websitewebsiteurlwebsite url