DWR Dam Safety Non-Jurisdictional Dam

data.colorado.gov | Last Updated 13 Oct 2015

A Non-Jurisdictional Dam is a dam creating a reservoir with a capacity of 100 acre-feet or less and a surface area of 20 acres or less and with a height measured as defined in Rules and 4.2.19 of 10 feet or less. Non-jurisdictional size dams are regulated and subject to the authority of the State Engineer consistent with sections 37- 87-102 and 37-87-105 C.R.S.

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This dataset has the following 31 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DAMIDdamidtextUnique SEO Dam ID
Dam Namedam_nametextOfficial name of the Dam
Other Dam Namesother_dam_namestextNames other than the official name (i.e., reservoir name) of the dam in common use.
WDIDwdidtextSEO Administrative Structure WDID for the reservoir.
Physical Statusphysical_statustextIndicates physical status of dam
DIVdivnumberDivision where the Dam is located.
WDwdnumberWater District where the Dam is located.
CountycountytextCounty where the Dam is located.
PMpmtextPrinciple Meridian.
Q160q160text160 acre quarter section indicator.
Q40q40text40 acre quarter section indicator
UTM xutm_xnumberThe x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
UTM yutm_ynumberThe y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
Location Accuracylocation_accuracytextAccuracy of UTM coordinates.
LatdecdeglatdecdegnumberLatitude (decimal degrees)
LongdecdeglongdecdegnumberLongitude (decimal degrees)
StreamstreamtextOfficial name of the river or stream on which the dam is built. If the stream is unnamed, identify it as a tributary to a named river, e.g., Snake-TR. If the dam is located offstream, enter the name of the river or stream plus “-OS”, e.g., Snake-OS.
Dam Lengthdam_lengthnumberThe length, in feet, of the dam which is defined as the length along the top of the dam. This also includes the spillway, power plant, navigation lock, fish pass, etc., where these form part of the length of the dam.
Dam Heightdam_heightnumberThe height of the dam, in feet to the nearest foot, which is defined as the vertical distance between the lowest point on the crest of the dam and the lowest point in the original streambed.
Normal Storagenormal_storagenumberThe normal storage, in acre-feet, which is defined as the total storage space in a reservoir below the normal retention level, including dead and inactive storage and excluding any flood control or surcharge storage.
Surface Areasurface_areanumberThe surface area, in acres, of the impoundment at its normal retention level.
Drainage Areadrainage_areanumberThe drainage area of the dam, in square miles, which is defined as the area that drains to a particular point (in this case, the dam) on a river or stream.
Outlet Descriptionoutlet_descriptiontextType of outlet on a dam (i.e Steel pipe, Concrete pipe, Tunnel, etc.)
Primary Nameprimary_nametextPerson/Agency who owns the dam
Primary Contactprimary_contacttextPerson representing the owner.
Assigned Toassigned_totextThe Dam Safety engineer assigned to the dam
More Informationmore_informationurlLink to Dam Safety web page.
LocationlocationlocationLatitude/Longitude where the Dam is located. Used in Marketplace for mapping.