Employment Wages in Colorado

data.colorado.gov | Last Updated 17 Jul 2019

Employment wages by industry, year, and area, from Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE), since 2009

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This dataset has the following 40 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
stateabbrvstateabbrvtextThe two letter state abbreviation.
statenamestatenametextState name.
stfipsstfipsnumberState FIPS code.
areanameareanametextGeographic area name.
areatypeareatypenumberCode describing type of geographic area: e.g. county, service delivery area, MSA.
areatynameareatynametextDescriptive title of the areatype.
areaareanumberSix-digit code assigned to represent a geographic area. Front fill with zeroes.
periodyearperiodyearnumberCharacter representation of calendar-year (e.g. 2000).
periodtypeperiodtypenumberCode describing type of period (e.g. Annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).
pertypdescpertypdesctextA description of the period type.
periodperiodnumberPeriod code. Will be set to ‘00’ where periodtype is annual.
indcodtyindcodtynumberCode describing the industry code type.
indcodeindcodenumberA code used in the classification of establishments by type of activity in which they are engaged. For codes not 6 characters long, left justify and blank (ASCII 32) fill. Either SIC or NAICS code can be used. A siccode of 9999 means non-classifiable; industry not specified.
indcodetitleindcodetitletextThe descriptive title for this industry code.
occodetypeoccodetypenumberCode describing the type of occupational coding system.
occodetydescoccodetydesctextTitle of classification Code.
occcodeocccodenumberThe occupational classification code used by the state for this data element. This code could be a DOT, OES, SOC, CENSUS, etc. For codes not 10 characters long, left justify and blank (ASCII 32) fill.
codetitlecodetitletextThe descriptive title for this occupation or training code.
wagesourcewagesourcenumberA code representing the source of the wage data.
wagesrdescwagesrdesctextA description of the source of the wage data.
ratetyperatetypenumberCode which identifies the type of wage rate.
ratetydescratetydesctextA description of the type of wage rate.
empcountempcountnumberTotal employment.
responseresponsenumberResponse rate for the occupation’s actual or real survey data. Does NOT include imputed data in the rate calculation.
meanmeannumberMean wage for the occupation.
entrywgentrywgnumberEntry level wage for the occupation, mean of the first third (ALC definition).
experienceexperiencenumberExperienced level wage for the occupation, mean of upper two thirds (ALC definition).
pct10pct10numberWage at tenth percentile.
pct25pct25numberWage at twenty-fifth percentile.
medianmediannumberMedian wage of the occupation; also the wage at fiftieth percentile.
pct75pct75textWage at seventy-fifth percentile.
pct90pct90textWage at ninetieth percentile.
udpctudpcttextUser defined percentile.
udpctwageudpctwagetextWage at user defined percentile.
udrnglopctudrnglopcttextLow percentile for user defined range.
udrnghipctudrnghipcttextHigh percentile for user defined range.
udrngmeanudrngmeantextMean wage for user defined range.
wpctrelerrwpctrelerrtextRelative percent error on wage.
epctrelerrepctrelerrnumberRelative percent error on employment.
panelcodepanelcodetextReference panel code (yyyymm)