General Improvement Districts in Denver | Last Updated 22 Aug 2019

Map of General Improvement Districts in Denver provided by City and County of Denver. GIDs are allowed to construct, install or acquire any public improvement except solid waste disposal improvements and services.

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This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DISTRICT_IDdistrict_inumberSequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated
ACTIVE_OR_HISTORICactv_or_histtextIs the District boundary "Active" or "Historical"?
DISTRICT_NAMEdstct_nametextDistrict Name per Creation Ordinance
DATA_SOURCEdata_sourctextWhere did the feature come from. Was it mapped by survey or did it come from an existing feature class
CREATION_ORDINANCEcreat_ordtextOrdinance that created district
BNDRY_LAST_MODIFIED_DATEbndry_lastcalendar_dateDate boundary last edited or modified
LEGAL_START_DATElegal_startcalendar_dateDate of ordinance creating district
LEGAL_END_DATElegal_endcalendar_dateDate district was terminated
TAX_NUMBERtax_numbertextTax number for geo-processing assigned by Assessor's office
FILE_LINKfile_linktextLink to City Network File location
WEB_LINKweb_linktextURL to web site with further district information
COMMENTS_DISTRICT_SPECIFICcomments_dtextDistrict Specific comments
COMMENTS_LEGISLATIVE_PROCESScomments_ltextComments concerning legistlative or creation process
WEB_LINK_STATE_DOLAweb_link_stextLink to state web site - Department of Local Affairs
SPECIAL_FEE_TYPEspecial_fetextSpecial District Fees managed by the City Treasury Department
NOTESnotestextGeneral notes from the GIS data edidtor