DWR Dam Safety Active Design Review

data.colorado.gov | Last Updated 28 Oct 2015

This list provides a summary of proposed projects to build new dams, enlarge existing dams, or perform maintenance/repair projects at existing dams. It contains projects that are currently under review and projects that have been approved or rejected within the last 45 days. The information is provided to educate the public about ongoing efforts to maintain and build dams in the state of Colorado and facilitate appeals pursuant to Rule 20 of 2-CCR-402-1.

Tags: dam safety, active design review, construction, reservoir

This dataset has the following 27 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescription
DAMIDdamidtextUnique SEO Dam ID
Dam Namedam_nametextOfficial name of the dam
DIVdivnumberDivision where the Dam is located.
WDwdnumberWater District where the Dam is located.
CountycountytextCounty where the Dam is located.
PMpmtextPrinciple Meridian.
Q160q160text160 acre quarter section indicator.
Q40q40text40 acre quarter section indicator.
UTM xutm_xnumberThe x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
UMT yumt_ynumberThe y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
Location Accuracylocation_accuracytextAccuracy of UTM coordinates.
LatdecdeglatdecdegnumberLatitude (decimal degrees)
LongdecdeglongdecdegnumberLongitude (decimal degrees)
Primary Nameprimary_nametextName of owner or company responsible for dam.
Primary Contactprimary_contacttextOwner or company contact for dam.
Project Typeproject_typetextType of construction project
Receivedreceivedcalendar_dateDate Project plan received.
Rejectedrejectedcalendar_dateDate Project plan rejected, if applicable.
Approvedapprovedcalendar_dateDate Project plan approved, if applicable.
COMPANYcompanytextFirm responsible for project design.
StatusstatustextStatus of Project plan review.
Days Under SEO Reviewdays_under_seo_reviewnumberNumber of days under SEO review since being received.
More Informationmore_informationurlLink to Dam Safety web page.
LocationlocationlocationLatitude/Longitude where the Calling Structure is located. Used in Marketplace for mapping.