DWR Dam Safety Jurisdictional Dam

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A Jurisdictional Dam is a dam creating a reservoir with a capacity of more than 100 acre-feet, or creates a reservoir with a surface area in excess of 20 acres at the high-water line, or exceeds 10 feet in height measured vertically from the elevation of the lowest point of the natural surface of the ground where that point occurs along the longitudinal centerline of the dam up to the crest of the emergency spillway of the dam. For reservoirs created by excavation, or where the invert of the outlet conduit is placed below the surface of the natural ground at its lowest point beneath the dam, the jurisdictional height shall be measured from the invert of the outlet at the longitudinal centerline of the embankment or from the bottom of the excavation at the longitudinal centerline of the dam, whichever is greatest. Jurisdictional height is defined in Rule 4.2.19. The State Engineer shall have final authority over determination of the jurisdictional height of the dam.

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This dataset has the following 53 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DAMIDdamidtextUnique SEO Dam ID
Dam Namedam_nametextOfficial name of the Dam
Other Dam Namesother_dam_namestextNames other than the official name (i.e., reservoir name) of the dam in common use.
NID IDnid_idtextNational Inventory of Dams ID (USACE)
WDIDwdidtextSEO Administrative Structure WDID for the reservoir.
Physical Statusphysical_statustextIndicates physical status of dam
DIVdivnumberDivision where the Dam is located.
WDwdnumberWater District where the Dam is located.
CountycountytextCounty where the Dam is located.
PMpmtextPrinciple Meridian.
Q160q160text160 acre quarter section indicator.
Q40q40text40 acre quarter section indicator.
UTM xutm_xnumberThe x (Easting) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
UTM yutm_ynumberThe y (Northing) component of the Universal Transverse Mercator system. (NAD83 datum)
Location Accuracylocation_accuracytextAccuracy of UTM coordinates.
LatdecdeglatdecdegnumberLatitude (decimal degrees)
LongdecdeglongdecdegnumberLongitude (decimal degrees)
StreamstreamtextOfficial name of the river or stream on which the dam is built. If the stream is unnamed, identify it as a tributary to a named river, e.g., Snake-TR. If the dam is located offstream, enter the name of the river or stream plus “-OS”, e.g., Snake-OS.
Downstream Towndownstream_towntextName of the nearest city, town, or village that is most likely to be affected by floods resulting from the failure of the dam.
Town Distancetown_distancenumberDistance from the dam to the nearest affected City/Town/Village, to the nearest mile (and tenth if appropriate).
Year Completedyear_completednumberYear when the original main dam structure was completed.
PurposespurposestextThe purposes for which the reservoir is used: • I for Irrigation; • H for Hydroelectric; • C for Flood Control and Storm Water Management; • N for Navigation; • S for Water Supply; • R for Recreation; • P for Fire Protection, Stock, Or Small Farm Pond; • F for Fish and Wildlife Pond; • D for Debris Control; • T for Tailings; • O for Other. The order should indicate the relative decreasing importance of the purpose. Codes are concatenated if the dam has multiple purposes.
Federal Landfederal_landtextIndicates whether dam is a non-federal dam located on federal property.
Federal Regulationsfederal_regulationstextFederally Owned Dam or private dam subject to federal regulations (i.e. FERC)
Dam Typedam_typetextIndicates the type of dam: • RE for Earth; • ER for Rockfill; • PG for Gravity; • CB for Buttress; • VA for Arch; • MV for Multi-Arch; • CN for Concrete; • MS for Masonry; • ST for Stone; • TC for Timber Crib; • OT for Other. Codes are concatenated if the dam is a combination of several types. For example, the entry CNCB would indicate a concrete buttress dam type.
Dam Lengthdam_lengthnumberThe length, in feet, of the dam which is defined as the length along the top of the dam. This also includes the spillway, power plant, navigation lock, fish pass, etc., where these form part of the length of the dam.
Dam Heightdam_heightnumberThe height of the dam, in feet to the nearest foot, which is defined as the vertical distance between the lowest point on the crest of the dam and the lowest point in the original streambed.
Crest Elevationcrest_elevationnumberThe elevation above mean sea-level of the nearest foot of the crest of the dam.
Normal Storagenormal_storagenumberThe normal storage, in acre-feet, which is defined as the total storage space in a reservoir below the normal retention level, including dead and inactive storage and excluding any flood control or surcharge storage.
Surface Areasurface_areanumberThe surface area, in acres, of the impoundment at its normal retention level.
Drainage Areadrainage_areanumberThe drainage area of the dam, in square miles, which is defined as the area that drains to a particular point (in this case, the dam) on a river or stream.
Spillway Capacityspillway_capacitynumberCombined capacity of all spillways on a dam in cubic-feet per second.
Outlet Descriptionoutlet_descriptiontextType of outlet on a dam (i.e Steel pipe, Concrete pipe, Tunnel, etc.)
Outlet Capacityoutlet_capacitynumberCapacity of the outlet in cubic-feet per second.
Outlet Inspectionoutlet_inspectioncalendar_dateDate of the outlet inspection.
Hazard Classhazard_classtextHazard classification of the dam.
EAPeaptextIndicates whether this dam has an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) developed by the dam owner. An EAP is defined as a plan of action to be taken to reduce the potential for property damage and loss of life in an area affected by a dam failure or large flood. Y for Yes; N for No; NR for Not Required by submitting agency.
EAP Dateeap_datecalendar_dateDate Emergency Action Plan was submitted.
EAP Inundation Mapeap_inundation_maptextEmergency Action Plan included an inundation map.
Inundation Map Dateinundation_map_datecalendar_dateDate inundation map was created.
Last Inspection Datelast_inspection_datecalendar_dateDate of the most recent inspection of the dam
Overall Conditionsoverall_conditiontextOverall conditions on the dam as determined during the last inspection.
Safe Storagesafe_storagetextRecommended safe storage levels as determined during the last inspection.
InspectorinspectortextPerson or agency who performed the last inspection.
Current Restrictionscurrent_restrictiontextFlag indicating if Dam is currently under restriction. Contact the Division office for additional details.
Primary Nameprimary_nametextPerson/Agency who owns the dam
Primary Contactprimary_contacttextPerson representing the owner.
Assigned Toassigned_totextThe Dam Safety engineer assigned to the dam
More Informationmore_informationurlLink to Dam Safety web page.
LocationlocationlocationLatitude/Longitude where the Dam is located. Used in Marketplace for mapping.