Business Improvement Districts Denver | Last Updated 5 Jul 2022

Map of Business improvement districts in Denver, CO.

Tags: bic, business, improvement, map, district, economic growth, denver colorado, bid

This dataset has the following 17 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
DISTRICT_IDdistrict_inumberArbitrary sequential number for districts determined by IPP.
ACTIVE_OR_HISTORICactv_or_histtextIs the District boundary "Active" or "Historical"?
DISTRICT_NAMEdstct_nametextName of District per Creation Ordinance
CREATION_ORDINANCEcreat_ordtextOrdinance that created the district.
BNDRY_LAST_MODIFIED_DATEbndry_lastcalendar_dateDate boundary was last modified.
LEGAL_START_DATElegal_starcalendar_dateDate of Ordinance that created this district.
LEGAL_END_DATElegal_endcalendar_dateDate district was terminated.
TAX_NUMBERtax_numbertextVarious Tax Code numbers for GIS processing
DATA_SOURCdata_sourctextWhere did the feature come from. Was it mapped by survey or did it come from an existing feature class.
FILE_LINKfile_linktextLink to City Network File Folder
WEB_LINKweb_linktextURL for District Information
COMMENTS_DISTRICT_SPECIFICcomments_dtextDistrict Comments
COMMENTS_LEGISLATIVE_PROCESScomments_ltextComments specific to legislative creation of district.
WEB_LINK_STATE_DOLAweb_link_stextLink to District Web Site at State of Colorado
NOTESnotestextGeneral Information
SPECIAL_FEE_TYPEspecial_fetextSpecial fees associated with district