Restaruant Inspections in Boulder County | Last Updated 29 May 2020

Restaruant Inspection data for food service facilities within Boulder County, CO provided by Boulder County. Due to COVID-19 Boulder County is only doing risk based or complaint inspections at this time, no regulatory inspections are being done at this time.

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This dataset has the following 22 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
facilityIdfacilityidtextFacility number associated with this facility
facilityNamefacilitynametextName of facility
siteAddresssiteaddresstextAddress of the site
streetNumberstreetnumbertextStreet number for the address of the site
streetDirectionstreetdirectiontextStreet direction for the address of the site
streetNamestreetnametextStreet name for the address of the site
streetTypestreettypetextStreet type for the address of the site
streetUnitstreetunittextUnit number or apartment number for the address of the site
citycitytextCity for the address of the site
statestatetextTwo-character abbreviation for the state of the site
zipziptextZip code for the address of the site
typeOfFacilitytypeoffacilitytextDescription indicating the facility type
categoryOfFacilitycategoryoffacilitytextDescription indicating the category of facility, such as a Mobile, Grocery Store/Finished Foods, Fast Food/Limited Menu, etc
inspectionTypeinspectiontypetextType of Inspection
inspectionDateinspectiondatecalendar_dateDate of Inspection
violationCodeviolationcodetextCode of violation
violationviolationtextDescription of violation
violationPointsviolationpointsnumberThe point value for a specific violation.
violationTypeviolationtypetextType of violation (‘C’ = ‘Critical’ or ‘N’ = ‘Non-Critical’)
violationStatusviolationstatustextStatus of violation (display as ‘OU’ = ‘Out’, ‘IN’ = “In’, ‘NO’ = “Not Observed’, ‘NA’ = ‘Not Applicable’, ‘FU’ = ‘Full’, ‘HA’ = ‘Half’)
inspectionScoreinspectionscorenumberFor a scoring explanation of Active Managerial Control (AMC) inspections please refer to: For a scoring explanation of all other inspections please refer to:
locationlocationlocationGeocoded location of site