Building Permit Counts in Colorado | Last Updated 6 Sep 2023

Number of building permits by type for counties and municipalities in Colorado from 2010 to 2016 from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

Tags: bic, gocodecolorado, colorado, dola, department of local affairs, total population, building permits, occupied housing, vacant housing, household

This dataset has the following 12 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
countyFipscountyfipstextAssigned to counties in alphabetical order so that Adams County has the lowest CountyFIPS code (001) and Yuma County has the highest CountyFIPS code (125). Code 999 indicates a multi-county place.
placeFipsplacefipstextAssigned to cities and towns in alphabetical order so that Aguilar has the lowest PlaceFIPS code (00760) and the City of Yuma has the highest PlaceFIPS code (86750).
areaareatextThis variable provides the name of each place and indicates if you are looking at a “part” or the “total” for multi-county places. County names are in all-caps.
yearyeartextYear associated with collected data
cbBuildingPermitcbbuildingpermitnumberRefers to the number of building permits reported by the Census Bureau each year
sdoBuildingPermitsdobuildingpermitnumberIndicates the number of building permits reported by local governments to the State Demography Office
totalPopulationtotalpopulationnumberIndicates the total population estimated as residing in a specific place
householdPopulationhouseholdpopulationnumberThe estimated number of residents living in a place excluding those living in group quarters (like barracks, dorms, or prisons) . To get the group quarter population, use the difference between Total and Household population
personsPerHouseholdpersonsperhouseholdnumberThe number of residents estimated per housing unit; excludes group quarters populations.
totalHousingUnitstotalhousingunitsnumberThe estimated total number of housing units
occupiedHousingUnitsoccupiedhousingunitsnumberThe estimated number of housing units that have someone living in them
vacantHousingUnitsvacanthousingunitsnumberThe estimated number of housing units that have no one living in them