Open Budget Revenue | Last Updated 26 Jun 2018

Colorado Springs Open Budget Revenue Monthly export from the City's Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Tags: investing in infrastructure, building community & collaborative relationships, promoting job creation, excelling in city services, finance, transparency

This dataset has the following 11 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
rowidrowidtextUnique identifier used to update year-to-date or complete annual value.
YearyearnumberYear for which the value is relevant. Present year will be year-to-date amount.
PeriodperiodnumberMost recent month for this record. Completed previous years will show as "12"
FundfundnumberNumeric identifier for City funds. General Fund is "001", other funds use different numbers.
Fund Descriptionfund_descriptiontextText description of fund. Corresponds to numerical value in "Fund"
AccountaccounttextNumeric value to identify the account. Correlates to "Account_Description"
Account Descriptionaccount_descriptiontextText description of account. Corresponds to numerical value in "Account"
TypetypetextGeneral means of collecting this revenue.
SourcesourcetextSource of revenues for this designation.
Revenue Actualsrevenue_actualsnumberRecorded year-to-date or complete annual revenue for this fund-org-department-account-project designation.
BudgetbudgetnumberBudgeted annual revenue for this designation.