Animal Services - Disposition Report | Last Updated 20 Feb 2020

The information is extracted from the "animal" database through chameleon (shelter application). In accordance with Food & Agriculture Code 32003, all public pounds and shelters shall keep accurate records on each animal impounded that includes the final disposition of the animal. This information is to show disposition trends for each shelter and jurisdiction.

Tags: animal adoption, shelter, pound, dog, cat, stray, sleep, lost, found

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

Column NameAPI Column NameData TypeDescriptionSample Values
Impound Dateimpound_datecalendar_daterefers to the date the animal was impounded
Impound Noimpound_notextunique number automatically assigned by chameleon that is specific to the record
Animal Idanimal_idtextunique number automatically assigned by chameleon specific to the animal information
Type of Impoundtype_of_impoundtextdefines the reason why an animal was impounded, i.e., stray, owner surrender, euth request
Disposition Datedisposition_datecalendar_daterefers to the disposition date of the animal
Other Idother_idtextrefers to a secondary identification of the impounded animal
Disposition Typedisposition_typetextdefines the reason for an impounded animal's outcome
Animal Typeanimal_typetexttype of animal impounded
JurisdictionjurisdictiontextJurisdiction the animal was impounded from
Shelter Locationshelter_locationtext