Transfer Of Guardianship by SFY, DCF Office, Race and Length of Stay | Last Updated 24 Mar 2021

This dataset contains aggregate data concerning the number of children that exited DCF care to a Transfer of Guardianship. These figures are broken out by the DCF Region and Office responsible for the child's care, by their Race/Ethnicity, and by whether their exit from care occurred within 24 months of their entry to care or not. It would be appropriate to roll up the data from all variables across multiple time periods, as they represent specific events in the lives of these children. Please note that these figures do not represent unique children, and so should not be used as the basis for creating a rate based on the child population of the state. These data form the basis of measurement for the Juan F. Consent Decree Exit Plan Outcome #9: Transfer of Guardianship Within 24 Months, although those figures are reported to the DCF Court Monitor on a quarterly rather than annual schedule.

Tags: dcf, department of children and families, children, placement, race, ethnicity, race/ethnicity, trend, transfer of guardianship, exit cohort

This dataset has the following 10 columns:

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